Need help picking components for PC Build

Created by DesignByWinter on July 13, 2016, 8:25 p.m.
  • I've built 1 PC in the past, and leaned heavily on the advice of a friend to build that system 4 years ago. I'm finding that my needs have changed and I am interested in building a new system.

    My PC usage is typically:

    • 30% 3D CAD (Solidworks)
    • 30% 2D Illustration (Adobe Illustrator
    • 30% Gaming
    • 10% Other media editting (audio/video)

    Other features I'm looking for:

    • Capability of running 3 27" Monitors at 1920x1080 or above
    • VR cabable

    My current rig runs games and 2D Illustration software just fine, but Solidworks freezes/crashes often

    I know nothing about matching processors/motherboards/gpu's etc. and would appreciate some tips on what features I should be considering based on my usage.

    Looking for options in the mid-high end price range.

  • @DesignByWinter: I know this is a bit late and you may have already bought a new PC but have a look on this site if not.

    I cannot tell you exactly what to buy but at least this will help you with compatibility issues!

  • @Ragetti: Thank you, haven't done the build yet.

    Thanks for the link, but I still find a bit of decision paralysis around the whole thing, still reading and learning.

  • @DesignByWinter:

    That 30% gaming is the problem IMO. Video cards and processing that's great for gaming isn't really that good for CAD/Video Editing. Have you considered a separate work station/gaming rig config maybe with KVM switches to the monitors and peripherals.

    Its solves a few problems and removes risk from game loads infecting or corrupting critical work files. Games don't get the same attention to quality as expensive professional software.

    Maybe transition your current PC to one or the other, and build a new one to the remaining spec.

  • Yeah after doing some reading, you're right. I was hoping to avoid going the route of having dedicated machines

    But perhaps I can simply put this current computer on the upgrade path for gaming and build a new one for CAD

  • You can checkout this budget build or contact me on twitter @Sizzor01 I can help you out there.