Software for PC Blu ray Player?

Created by AtotheZ on July 1, 2014, 9:34 p.m.
  • I recently installed a Blu ray player on my rig and I was wondering what would be the best software to run blu ray disks. I am not looking to burn any blu rays but may look into that in the future.

    Most players I found online cost a bit of $$ to download. I was wondering if there are any free players that work well or If I need to spend the money on software which one should I buy?

  • VLC is free Blu-ray media player running on Mac, Win and maybe some other platform. It has already been widely used by Mac users as a media player to play all kinds formats, but actually, it doesn't work so well when comes to Blu-ray. You better try a Blu-ray player software from Macgo which is also free to download. After trial, you may decide whether to purchase.

  • I use Blu-ray player from Macgo (Mac version) and I liked it enough to pay for it. It updates often enough but I do wish it handled native Blu-ray meaning better (or labelled the chapters in their native menu system).

  • @BerryCarol: Thanks for the advise. I use VLC for everything but trying to get Blu-ray to work on it is hit or miss. I think I will give Macgo a try since you and @Nscafe both suggested it.

  • I've seen a couple of free blu-ray players but as far as I know none of those actually work. Either they're just scams or they play media from blu-rays you've burnt yourself but not retail ones.

    The reason you need to pay for the software is due to the utterly stupid blu-ray licensing. You bought a blu-ray disc and a drive and think you've got the rights to watch the movie on that disc? Don't be silly, the license comes with the software...

    Best I've found is PowerDVD by Cyberlink. It's capable of managing you're entire media library and becoming your only media player, I still only use it for blu-rays though with iTunes for music and VLC for everything else.

    Think I might give MacGo a go though, it looks like it's a more minimal software, i.e, it just plays movies. Significantly cheap than PowerDVD as well, not that that helps me a whole lot.

  • OK, downloaded the free trial for MacGo... It's crap (so nice of them to have a trial), it doesn't give you the actual blu-ray menu, rather it makes its own menu for the contents of the disc which is just bizarre and horrible in so many ways.

  • @Leonick: I actually did mention that in my post. There is a Blu-ray menu in beta that I can use with this OSX version, works pretty well but it can get stuck.

  • Also suggest you look at Sly Soft HD DVD

    I use this, along with Power DVD on my HTPC. I sometimes have issues with "non supported hardware" errors, and SlySoft updates seem to fix them.

    I am running a DVI-HDMI connector through a Receiver with HDMI switcher to an Epson Digital Projector (160in Screen)

    • Zalman HD160 Case
    • ASUS P5K Premium MBQuad Core Q6600 2.4GHz
    • Corsair 6GB Ram
    • Video Card - BFG 8800GTX OC 768MB
    • 120GB SD Boot Drive 2xWD 500GB Media Drives
    • LG GGW-H20L Blu-Ray Burner
  • Well, if you are looking for cheap and best software for your Mac OS that can allow you to play Blu-Ray disc, DVD, CDS then you can go for Mac Blue-Ray player. It is best and excellent.

  • @Leonick: Actually, Macgo Mac Blu-ray player can support original Blu-ray menu for parts of disc, while this feature is still under development, so it's not that stable. It offers two modes for users to switch(Quick Player Mode and Blu-ray Menu Mode) which I get from their website guide

  • @AtotheZ: Alas and alack, for Sony's licensing on Blu-ray, to play Blu-rays on PC is not that easy to accomplish. However, Windows system can compatible with Blu-ray, but some minor problems still exist when you use Windows 7 or Windows 8 to play. Using UFUSoft PC Blu-ray Player Software is the best and easiest way for you to play Blu-ray content which offers you a cinematic experience.