Strange problem with scroll wheel

Created by thejke on April 26, 2013, 7:38 p.m.
  • A while ago I started noticing that when I would use the scroll wheel on my mouse that it would scroll the wrong way. Every so often I would scroll down but for some reason the webpage or folder I was viewing would scroll up. It didn't happen often enough for me to worry at the time. Now it has gotten so bad that more than 50% of the time it goes the wrong way. It also quickly switches between going the right way and wrong way which produces a sort of flickering effect that really hurts my eyes and makes the scroll wheel entirely useless. At first I though that this was a problem with my mouse. However, I have tried a different mouse on this computer and the same thing happens. So I plugged this mouse into a different computer and it worked fine. I have tried uninstalling the mouse drivers(I tried just one and then all at once) and applications on my computer then re-installing but it has not had any effect. I have been unable to find any information about this problem. The mouse I am using is a Razer Deathadder 3.5G black. The other mouse I tried is a Mi micro innovations wireless mouse. Please Help.

  • The only wheel options in the control panel are for how many lines or pages the scroll wheel moves at a time. I have tried increasing and decreasing these numbers before but it didn't do anything to help. I opened up the mice properties in the device manager but it doesn't give me any options to change anything, just update, disable, remove. The razer mouse has a program where you can change its settings. It lets you change what each button does, and tried binding the scroll up to the up key and scroll down to the down key but it didn't help. I have messed with the other settings but nothing seems to help.

  • So does anybody have any ideas? If not I might just re-install the OS and hopefully that will wipe out the problem.

  • Well, I have been able to make the problem manageable. I went into the razer settings and turned the polling rate of the mouse all the way down. Then I turned the scroll speed all the way down. Then I went into the windows mouse settings and turned up the number of pages moved per scroll so that it wouldn't be super slow. I still get a little bit of the problem but I am actually able to use my scroll wheel. Hopefully no one else has this problem, but I am posting this solution just in case someone does.

  • @thejke: I had this exact same problem, came here looking for a fix

  • I've had that problem too. I found out that you can blow into the laser of your mouse. First time it didn't solve the problem, but it made it much better, so I tried blowing hard and that fixed it: So try to blow into your mouse. I think it is dust or something inside it, that confuses the sensor.
    I know the post is several years old, but I would just post a solution that worked for me, in case other people would get this problem too.

  • @abc: Thank you so much! I was about to buy a new mouse, because I could not stand the scrollwheel problem. But this fixed the problem completly! I just made this account to say thanks.

    Have a great day mate :)