Help please! Mouse issues...

Created by SPACETURTLE on March 15, 2012, 7:10 p.m.
  • @SPACETURTLE: I'm actually not sure about the Setpoint, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to install it. Also try and lower your DPI.
  • @dcpc10: 
    I havent experienced any problems with any other game either with or without smoothing.
    When I was playing the BC2 beta I adressed the same problem. But I figured DICE would straighten it out on the retail version. But I guess not... Anyways I just replaced my G500 to a new one because of there being some kind of fault with the USB cable. I luckly didnt have to pay for it since it was obviously some screw up at Logitech's end.  With both two copies I've had of the G500 the issue remains the same, terrible aim...  Thanks for the help, dude!
    Thanks, man! I'll try it out. Really hope it can fix the problem. Its just too bad the technical stuff aint working out for me cause I really enjoy this game.
    I'll update you guys if its working!
  • I followed all your advices and nothing really seems to straighten out the issue completely. But I lowered the sensetivity in-game and cranked it up in setpoint and I managed to find a spot between the two which works for me. Its not perfect, but its definitely better. I'm not giving up for yet another while though, but for now its totally awkey. Thanks for all the help!
  • This would be a perfect topic to put under the "Please Help!" forum

  • @lilburtonboy7489: 
    Hah, I guess your right! I had no idea there even where a please help forum... Too bad I didnt see it both times I've started a help request topic. :P