I now have a MacBook Pro. Any good anti-virus and anti-spyware?

Created by JusticeJanitor on March 15, 2012, 7:07 p.m.
  • Hi guys. I bought myself a shinny 13 inch MacBook Pro last month and I'm loving it so far. But, being the paranoïd freak I am, I don't believe the whole "macs don't get virus" bullcrap so I'm wondering if you guys can suggest any good (possibly free) anti-virus and anti-spyware software for Mac OS. I remember Sophos anti-virus being suggested on this site and I'm liking it so far but I'm now looking for something for an anti-spyware application similaire  Spybot Search And Destroy. 
     Thanks A lot!  

    PS : Please excuse my lack of proper spelling and grammar, English isn't my first language.
  • I don't really know about mac AV, but wanted to let you know that your english is quite good.  I wouldn't have guessed it wasn't your first language.  Also, the I in paranoid has two dots on it I think, or my screen is busted, one of the two. 
    you may be able to find something from the links off this page:   http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/networking_security/
  • Well, macs really don't get viruses, but you're right in being safe anyway.  There's no reason to be lax on system security just because it probably won't happen.  Sophos anti-virus is a good pick, I really don't know much anti-spyware software just because I've never heard of spyware on the mac (while viruses do exist, they are just rare). 
  • my school district uses sophos, and apparently they have some deal where any district student can have a license for free(or is it already free?). I almost took them up on that, but it just seems weird to use something provided by the school district on my personal stuff.
  • Well, OS-X is built upon BSD.  When's the last time you ever heard of a virus on UNIX/Linux/BSD aside from Bliss (which was the 2nd ever recorded *nix virus).  Not saying getting anti-virus on OS-X is a completely useless endeavor, the chances of you running in to a virus, letalone one that would even properly infect a Darwin based system is extremely rare.
  • Alright, thanks a lot everyone. I think I'll stick to Sophos for now. I'm just paranoid when it comes to key-loggers ever since I got my battle.net account hijacked (Granted, I logged on a computer that wasn't mine before it happened, my mistake). I run Google Chrome with Java-script disabled except for select sites anyway, my guess is that I should be fine. 
    My thanks and have a nice day.

  • @JusticeJanitor: I actually have the same laptop as you and although I don't use any anti-virus software (I don't really do anything online that would ever enable me to get a virus) I've heard good things about ESET Cybersecurity. It costs $40.