What do you customize your desktop with?

Created by ArchScabby on March 15, 2012, 6:58 p.m.
  • I don't do a ton of crazy stuff, I just use rainmeter and Objectdock.  I change the skins and stuff all the time though.
    This is what it looks like now.

    What about you guys?
  • I just use rocketdock.
  • Absolutely nothing because I am generic and boring (when it comes t o the desktop). Heck, the only 3 things on my desktop are the bin, steam, and roller coaster tycoon. None of which I ever click from there anyway. Used to use rocketdock but I uninstalled it at some point for reasons I can't remember.
  • I don't like much on my desktop, got the CPU speedometer and that's it.
  • I prefer to keep my desktop clean, I have a couple widgets on my Dashboard, when I pull that up...but otherwise pretty clean.  I even leave my Dock hidden most of the time.
  • I use object dock and have hundreds of desktop backgrounds that change every 30 seconds.

    I keep a dock hidden at the top for my games, need to install lots more soon :P I used Stack Docklet 2.0 to get the cool grid thing.

  • @Newten said:

    I really don't have anything on there, I'm boring like Zenaxzd.
  • I just use Fences to group and hide icons.  Before Fences I simply hid my desktop icons and used the start menu.  I like to see the wallpapers that I put up not the icons that I cover it with.
  • I share everything with my wife, so both the PC and Laptop are all very generic seascapes and stuff. Joy.
  • I use rainmeter and hide all of the other stuff from the desktop. I have the taskbar and a little rainmeter side panel and that's it. 
    I don't use anything for OS X -> I just hide the dock at the left hand side and choose a nice wallpaper ;D
  • I pretty much just use the CPU speedometer and the clock on my desktop. After looking though the thread though, I'm thinking of trying a bunch of the stuff mentioned.
  • Nothing just a plain old desktop.
    @Newten: What is the program called that you use.
  • @Berserk: Object Dock with the Stacks Docklet 2.0 plugin/addon thing. The desktop background changer is built into Windows 7.
  • @Newten: Thanks, dont have Windows 7 so ill still have a plain desktop.
  • @Berserk: Ah right, well Object Dock works on XP and Vista and stuff too, and there are plenty of free background changer programs on the net, just google around if you want one.

  • Here's the pretty simple rainmeter set up I've got going on right now: