Cleaning out a friend's old PC for resell, any suggestions?

Created by goodwood on March 15, 2012, 6:54 p.m.
  • Im about to clear out a friends old pc and I was wondering if you guys had any extra suggestions to what I am already doing. I plan on running DBAN to clear out the hard drive, running memtest, and checking the capacitors on the Mobo to make sure they are not busted. I have a feeling there could be something Im missing.
  • @goodwood: I generally replace the harddrive on computers I give away. I take no chances. 
    Be sure to blowout any dust, and you can reapply the CPU's thermal grease if you want to be fancy.

  • @goodwood:
    For me the general rule keep the harddrive and make sure the fan works. The rest of it is to check if the cd/dvd drive works and all the ports work(USB....).