The Music Thread!

Created by TheGremp on March 15, 2012, 6:30 p.m.
    Listening to the constant ping-ponging in that song with headphones reminds of Interstellar Overdrive... ugh, I feel sick. 
  • If you fall in love, you lose. 
  •  So much indie stuff... let's try a different direction, slow things down, and open a bottle of wine. The Etta James album, At Last!, is one of the best ever. 
      Plus Mandy Moore + Mike Viola = Awesome. 
  • I downloaded all of the rare Queens of the Stone Age songs and everything else from B-Sides and Rarities. Sooooooooooo good.
  • Honestly I love every genre, including international music. I try to keep a variety in my music catalog
  • I picked up Julieta Venega's new album Otra Cosa sometime last week. It is amazing. The first time in a long time that I go out and buy a physical disk.
  • Listening to In Vain's 2010 album right now.. "Mantra".  
    Recommended to me by KrisPavera on the Giantbomb mIRC channel... 
    track 7 is playing right now, "Circle of Agony" 
    I must say, best metal record ive listened to in a while.. ive been in such a rut for the last couple of months, either listening to my favorite bands over and over or to... lady gaga and rihanna :$ 

  • I like all types of music, ranging from UK Grime, to Showtunes, I literally listen to anything. Here are a couple songs that never leave my MP3 players.  
  • Anyone like Ellie Goulding? I'm not usually into modern pop music, but she's not bad!   
  • @Binman88: You might like this Binnman if you liked   Ellie Goulding starry eyed. I will warn this is serious pop, but Little Boots is an amazing electro music chick. (yes i have a tiny crush)
  • @Win said:
    " I only started to get into rap recently and I just started listening to Midnight Marauders after a friend recommended it. 
    Also this:  
    Trip hop is awesome!  
    Lately I've been getting back in to my large collection of all things electronica. It's been a lot of Amon Tobin and I love it. 
  • I've been listening to MeWithoutYou a lot lately. Otherwise, just random Electronica hits that Slacker decides to throw my way. 
  • The new LCD Soundsystem album is streaming on their site.  It is quite good if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Been listening to the new Coheed and Cambria album, it's awesome, but I don't like that there aren't as many tracks that are easy to listen to on their own as there was in previous albums. The two singles obviously work as singles but outside of those there are maybe 1 or 2 other tracks that stand alone. (Although the way the entire album flows and creates its own momentum is killer.)
  • @Rean: Thanks, I'll check her out. I saw her briefly on Jonathon Ross last year and kinda dismissed her but I actually like that song!
  • I do love me some Paramore.
  • Gone back to listening to Iron Maiden, nothing can beat this band.
  • I am way into Devin Townsend now. Best songwriter/overall awesome dudes ever in my opinion.
  • @Frederik said:

    " @Kohe321 said:

    " I am way into Devin Townsend now. Best songwriter/overall awesome dudes ever in my opinion. "

    Have you heard Ziltoid? That is something everyone deserves to see, and the music on the album is pretty awesome-o aswell 
    Yeah, Ziltoid is one of the best albums ever. :D
  • Any fans of 90s era grunge (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains etc.) and the offshoots of those bands? Soundgarden are one of my favourite bands from that era who are best known perhaps for their song Black Hole Sun. I went to see Chris Cornell last year where he performed a bunch of Soundgarden and Audioslave hits with his solo career/backup band. I was over the moon to hear Soundgarden were reuniting this year, and have my fingers crossed that they'll perform in Ireland at some stage. Also, before Pearl Jam became a commercial success, most of the members were in Temple of the Dog with Chris Cornell. They only released one album, but there are some great tracks on it, including Hunger Strike (below).
  • Happy Hardcore and TECHNO FTW :D Also i like Punk, Metal, and House!
  • @Binman88: I love 90's era grunge. Props to you, sir. Don't forget Mother Love Bone either, which served as the precursor to Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, etc. 
    Also, fans of rap and superb freestylers should check out Canadian hip-hop artist Shad. Great rhymes, great samples, and well...just great. Period. 
  • @bagels: Nice one, thanks! I hadn't thought to look back earlier than Temple of the Dog, so Mother Love Bone are new to me.
  • Threadcromancy!
    I've been digging this up and coming group, The Black Dots of Death. Give them a listen: 

  • I've recently become a huge Dethklok fanatic. Own every album, and can't get enough of them.