San Francisco: Tested Members Travel tips

Created by Milloune on Jan. 17, 2019, 6:55 a.m.
  • Hi! I'm planning to visit San Francisco at the end of May 2019, just in time to catch the last day of Maker Faire. Yeah!

    Do you have any tips on:

    -Nice and safe, but not to expensive, place to sleep

    -Places to visit (I have the Exploratorium on my list, what else?)

    -Places to see

    -Things to try

    -Places to eat (must try)

    -Maker Faire tips

    -any suggestions?

    Keep in mind that I'm an avid maker and museum designer/technician. I'm a hardcore Tested fan! And I don't want to miss anything! It's probably my only chance to visit San Francisco... I'm also fluent in French (if it change anything in your suggestions!).

    Thanks a lot!!

  • First suggestion-get a Muni Pass. Great swathes of SF are accessible from one or another part of the system. One of my favorite things was to take a bus into a neighborhood, walk through it, stop for lunch if something looked fun, then board another bus and do it again somewhere else in the city. It's a pair of seven league boots.

    Here are a few museum type things I've enjoyed:

    Musée Mécanique

    Pacific Pinball Museum: (Alameda, but public-transport easy)

    Cartoon art museum

    USS Pamponito

    The Cable Car Museum-check out the engine room.

    Contemporary Jewish Museum


    Pazzia on 3rd near Moscone Center

    Lovely Vietnamese lunch place-Dragon Eats 555 Folsom

    Asia SF on 9th and Howard

    Taditch Grill Wonderful food, busy, loud, and an SF icon of sorts

    Fog City: Battery and Embaradero

  • First comment too long. Here's part two

    Things to see:

    Golden Gate Park is a good walk. I've done the whole length, then most of the way up Haight towards the financial district. Haight is an interesting walk. Amoeba Records on Haight if you have some time to kill and an interest in music. Lots of small eateries along the way.

    Paxton gate: 824 Valencia Street

    Walk through Chinatown, but get off the main drag and wander the shops-especially the market. Same with the Mission. Pick a couple of BART stations and walk between them.

    There's the tourist stuff, of course. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge-but dress for wind and cold. Coit tower for the view and the murals. Climb the Greenwich steps if you like the exercise. Fort Mason. Alcatraz maybe. Lombard Street-on the Mythbusters delivery test route where the van stalled out.

    These are the things that came to my head first, without my journals handy where I have maybe 100 more restaurants. Love San Francisco. I try to get there every year for a week or so. Enjoy your trip.

  • Wow! Thank you so much mrwizard!!!!

  • Wow! Paxton Gate is a good one!! Dolores Park too (I’m ther right now!)

    Valances and it’s surroundings are nice.

    Tomorrow will be more to the West.
    And the next day, North East.

    I love SF so far. People are great!!

  • I recommend downloading Tripadvisor software from Apknite site or go directly to their forum to poll before the trip. Useful advice always comes from a useful place! If you would have a chance to come to San Francisco again, Fisherman's Wharf and I would welcome you with a warm hug!