Adam's BrainCandy Album

Created by SirWheelzAlot3084 on Nov. 11, 2017, 9:57 a.m.
  • I'm terribly conflicted about this. I adore Adam's enthusiasm about the album and that he is sharing something that means something to him. Yet I can't enjoy it at all. It is a piece of plastic that I have no means to do anything with and actually share any joy from. I've not had a record player in I'm not sure how long and don't see getting one for one record. I enjoyed the posters in past years. This, not so much at all.

    Not as a bashing thing, I clearly don't wish to bash or neg a gift, so I ask - am I alone in feeling a tad underwhelmed this year by this offering?

  • Still haven't gotten mine =(

  • I agree a bit with John^ I do enjoy the enthusiasm, but I am not able to go to the show...and the Premium gift is usually something directly related to the site. I appreciate the gesture of the gift every year. The mere $40 a year for all the content on the site is fantastic, and getting the print is always a really nice bonus. The last two prints are hanging in my studio and living room. The 45 will probably end up framed as well...but I do wish it were another print. Maybe something related to Blade Runner or something?

    Anyhow, just my .02 and I would love different types of Premium gifts in the future.

    Also, to those who haven't received theirs yet (myself included) it took months and months to get my last two Premium Posters.

  • Just got mine about a week ago or so.

    I have a turn table... but it won't play the correct speed for this record. I only have 33 and 45 rpm speed options and both are too slow. Also, it's really old, ancient stylus low quality unbalanced tone arm etc etc. Not sure if it's slow because it's broken or if the album itself was recorded at a different speed.

    A turn table is more than just something that plays old music. It's not just a "plug and play" cool retro gizmo. You have to calibrate it, balance it, maintain it or you can permanently damage the original music.

    I think in hind sight it would have made sense to offer an OPTION for this premium gift. Instead of just sending it out to everyone, there should have been the option to choose if you wanted it. This could have saved cost in production and maybe something else could have been provided as an alternative to the record. Unless of course the entire production was donated. This could have been a worthwhile promotional loss to market this returning technology.

  • @heyvern: What speed is it? Is it actually a 78?

  • @heyvern: you might want to check your player with another 45. Mine sounds perfect at that speed, so either you got a bad print, which seems unlikely or impossible, or your turn table isn't spinning up to 45.

  • I'll toss this out to any non-premium members. If you would like my Braincandy Album, it is yours for postage. Just PM me.

  • I subscribe because I want to keep seeing interesting premium content. This doesn't necessarily mean every video is just for me. I am particularly fond of the Bits to Atoms series. I have been a premium member for a few years, and have gotten the posters and now the record. I think it is helpful to think of these things as extra gifts, rather than something you "purchased". I don't have a turntable either, but the record is an artifact, not necessarily a commercial product, even if it can be "consumed" as one. I'm very happy with the Hellboy and bear costume posters. This years gift wasn't particularly my cup of tea, but that is just part of being a community member. Hopefully you continue to post, and engage with the community and we can all hope for an awesome gift next year. No matter what, I'm sure it will be a thoughtful and unique artifact. :)

  • I didn’t receive my album... I’ve been a subscriber for 3 or 4 years...

  • I have to second what John Nanci said... the record is completely useless to me. The bear poster was also not in my wheelhouse. I wish they'd do something a bit more like does for their memberships... just give a discount to the store and/or a credit so people can buy what they want, and make special limited edition stuff (like Adam's record and the posters) available to premium members first so we can get them if we want.