The funniest thing you have ever done on a forum?

Created by Emandudeguyperson on March 15, 2012, 6:21 p.m.
  • I once (for the lulz, of course) signed up for the official (yes, there are apparently knock-offs) Sonic Hentai forum. Me and a friend trolled the crap out of that place with hilarious fanfics and Mario hentai, it was fucking epic, then I got IP banned, worth it!
  • Also, swoosh:
  • @Emandudeguyperson said:
    " Also, swoosh: "
    You really are proud of that thread aren't you?
  • I don't do.. funny.. things =/
  • @Emandudeguyperson: Sonic hentai forum, that actually I was going ask something strange but i dont want an answer for it.
  • I signed someone up to a beastiality forum once and signed them up for all the email spam. 
    she still hates me for that >_>
  • @Jadeskye:  
    Fucking hell, Yeah, you ain't going to be invited round for drinks in your lifetime...
  • @Red12b said:
    " @Jadeskye:  SHE!  Fucking hell, Yeah, you ain't going to be invited round for drinks in your lifetime... "
    haha it's okay, theres always other people to drink with and sign up to filthy websites.
  • Probably one of the 'lets see if we can count to 10' threads on one of the various forums I've belonged to. Absolute hilarity.
  • @Emandudeguyperson:  
    I see... so you have Mario hentai.
  • @david said:
    " @Emandudeguyperson:  I see... so you have Mario hentai. "
    No, my friend does though apparently lol.
  • I posted a blog on Giant Bomb about how a girl with down syndrome forced a kiss on me. People liked that.
  • It was probably either my participation in the fabled Doug Funny Parody Thread on GiantBomb (I was Patti) or the time when I quoted a mod who had posted a major spoiler for MGS4 in the OT section and added the last bit he had left out of the spoiler, resulting in the formation of an "I Hate Jayge" army that went around declaring their hate for me for... like 2 months.
  • This 
  • @Frank said:

    " This 

    FLV MP4 3GP
    Oh fucking come on, that has nothing to do with anything, you fucking hater.

  • @Emandudeguyperson: Flagged.