Modular Advanced Energy Weapon System from Fallout for 3D printing

Created by transistor86 on July 21, 2020, 9:54 p.m.

    For the Fallout fans here, I would like to share something, unlike anything you have seen before. This build is not for the faint of heart. To build 1 of each module (barrels, PCM, stocks, grips) using only 1 printer with typical print settings, it takes roughly 426.25 hrs and 6215 grams of filament. Well worth the wait.

    Most of the design incorporates it's own printed fasteners, barrel bolt rods, and barrel mount flanges to make it easy to swap out modules or break it down for travel to and from conventions. You will need a variety of M3 and M4 size machine screws to completely assemble it.

    No complete build weighs more than 3-4 lbs. I find this a wonderful feature around day 3 or 4 of the convention when you are lugging your props and all the sweet merch you bought around the convention floors.

    The barrel mount flanges are designed to house a 6mm diam 5mw LED should you want to make a glorified laser pointer. The triggers are actionable and are designed to house micro button switches. My plans for the version 3 build include modifying the Barrelhead on the Automatic barrel to house a small DC motor to make the barrel spin up when the trigger is pulled and a cardholder on the rear plate of the Power control module for a voltage regulator and li-on power source.

    If you would like to take a stab at building your own Fallout Laser Weapon, my portfolio is at Both .STLs and .OBJs are available.

    Happy Printing!


  • The Advanced Energy Control Module. It consists of 11 pieces. It has an actionable MF Cell release mechanism. Each Barrel Mount Flange (the part printed in yellow ABS) is designed to house a 6mm diameter 5mw laser pointer if you want to add electronics to it. This module is currently free at

  • Here is the Pistol grip for the AEP-7 variant or if you want to build an Automatic Laser Pistol and Sniper Laser Pistol, you can do that too. This consists of 7 printed pieces. The pommel connects to the pistol grip frame via an interlocking printed bolt. I did my best to minimize the extra amount of hardware needed when designing this. The trigger is actionable and is designed to house a micro-button switch that can be wired up to the power control module.

  • The pistol grip mounts to the bottom of the Power Control Module via 2 M3x8mm machine screws. The short pistol barrel mounts via the appropriate barrel mount flange and a printed threaded bolt that is inserted through the short barrel's foregrip.

  • Another great feature, I think is how easy they are to paint. As someone that has made roughly 100 of the various builds, I find this quite appealing. Here is one I did in an Ultracite Paint job. The 3 pieces that required masking were the actuator control box of the power control module (light blue and silver), the main barrel body (crimson and dark blue), and the reflex optic (green and silver).

  • Here is an automatic pistol build I did in the Ultracite paint scheme.

  • l

    More eye-candy of the same build. For the red barrel coolant hose, I injected acrylic paint into 1/4 inch aquarium tubing.

  • Next up is an intro to the Rifle builds. Here is the Rifle Trigger guard. It consists of 8 pieces. It mounts to the P.C.M. in a similar fashion to the Pistol grip, with two m3x8mm machine screws. The trigger is also actionable like the Pistol Grip's and is designed to house a micro-button switch. The handle is designed to house any of the rifle stocks ( standard, marksman, and recoil-compensating) without the use of any tools or extra hardware. The bottom printed bolt and nut of the handle grip can be unthreaded by hand making it quite easy to swap out stocks or just running the grip by itself.

  • Here is the Long barrel to complete the Fore section of the standard AER-9 Laser Rifle build. The barrel mount flange (printed in yellow), bolts on to your P.C.M using 3 m3x10mm machine screws. The foregrip should be mounted to the barrel body first using an m3x10mm machine screw. A bit extension on your screwdriver will greatly aid in threading this screw in. The rear rod guide of the barrel underframe mounts to either the rifle or pistol grip using an m4x14mm machine screw. The barrel face requires 4 m3x10mm machine screws to mount to the barrel body and underframe. Like in the AEP-7 barrel, there is a printed bolt rod that is inserted through the foregrip to connect it to the frame brace. The frame brace connects to the trigger guard using two m3x10mm machine screws. If you are having problems sliding the barrel onto the barrel mount flange try loosening the screw that secures the rear hose clip. Or put the hose on after you mount the barrel to the PCM.

  • Here is the complete AER-9 Laser Rifle build with a standard rifle stock. The standard rifle stock prints in 3 main pieces with a removable rear stock mount for attaching a swivel mount to accommodate a carry strap or rifle sling. All pieces in this build will fit a commercial printer with a minimum build volume of 150x150x250 mm. All parts were printed using a Makerbot Replicator 2x with Fargo 3D aluminum gantry and carriage upgrades.

  • Here is the Recoil Compensating Stock. 14 pieces in total. I never understood a recoil compensating stock on an energy weapon. I mean does light energy being expelled produce any force at all? Please debate in the comments. I digress. My design features a two-position state using the stock bolt pins, it can either be fully collapsed or extended.

  • Here it is assembled.

  • Next and last of the Rifle stocks is the Marksman Rifle stock. It consists of 8 individual pieces. On the larger pieces (Marksman Stock, Standard Stock, Long Barrel, and Short Barrel) they are split and it is best to print them in ABS filament. They are joined together using acetone. The seams are then sanded and filled in with an ABS slurry. Repeat as necessary for the desired smoothness. Or buy a larger printer.

  • The marksman stock is foldable.

  • As can be seen in this AES-11 Sniper Rifle build.

  • Here is the AES-11 Sniper Rifle Barrel. It consists of 38 printed pieces. It only requires two m3x10mm machine screws to mount the barrel frame to either the pistol or rifle grip. You will need 4 m4x10mm machine screws to attach the barrel vent. The barrel face and front barrel section will need to be printed using ABS filament and joined together with acetone. All the barrel straps are held together and to the foregrip barrel frame using their own printed fasteners.

  • The AEA-14 build or Automatic Laser Rifle with a Focuser Muzzle Break.

  • Here is the Focuser Muzzle Break. As you can see, It consists of 6 pieces. It mounts to any barrel face with the side-mounted tabs affixed with four m3x10mm machine screws.

  • Here is the Gyro Compensating Lens. It consists of nine printed pieces. In addition to the barrel mount tab screws common on all the muzzle breaks, you will need three m3x10mm screws to complete the assembly.

  • More GCL Muzzle Break.

  • Here is the Scatter Muzzle Break. It consists of four pieces and needs eight m3x10mm screws to fully assemble. The holes in the face are designed to house 5mm LEDs. There is an inner pathway along the frame to hide and tuck the wire harness to power up respective LEDs. The center hole on all the barrels and muzzle breaks line up with the 6mm 5mw LED so that all builds can be glorified laser pointers should you desire them to.