powering LEDs wirelessly using inductance

Created by dread on May 27, 2019, 4:02 p.m.
  • Might be useful for smaller models or possibly any other use where you don't want to (or cannot) run a bunch of wires. Essentially what this comes down to is inductance powering an LED.

    If you can fit an inductance coil inside something you could place LEDs anywhere on the outside (with their own smaller coils), or the inductance coil could be placed outside the item to power LED(s) when the item is in close proximity to them.

    The whole video (as with all his others) is interesting, but the eureka moment for me is at about 16:08:


  • When I watched the video, I wondered if the capacitors on the commercial LED were forming a tank circuit of some kind. I wondered if the two orthogonal plates that each had coils but were seemingly not connected, formed some sort of self resonant circuit.

    In the end, it looked like a brute force (bigger coil) approach was workable.

    It all seemed like so much cool magic! Thanks for posting!