Best Airbrush Paint for Chrome & Stainless Steel

Created by LittleStructures on May 9, 2019, 10:29 a.m.
  • I remember once upon a time, there was a Tested video of a One Day Build I believe where Adam Savage talks about his favorite paint for chrome finish. Does anybody remember what paint it was or know of the video he talks about it in? I make miniatures and I'm looking for a paint brand that does chrome and stainless steel really well.

  • OK well, Testeds anti-spam technology wont let me actually post the link, but basically if you search for Adam Savage Foam Excalibur Sword, about 20 minutes in he pulls out a Liquid Chrome paint and puts it in his airbrush.

    Is that maybe the one you were looking for?

    I also found quite a bit of metal paint videos by using google and or also the magnifying glass thingy at the upper right of itself.

  • @LittleStructures: You're looking for "Liquid Chrome" from Molotow.