Alien Executive Officer Kane resin model kit. by: (Polar Lights)

Created by furlongmr on Feb. 13, 2019, 7:14 a.m.
  • Hello, I was Lucky enough to find this amazing Alien Executive Officer Kane resin model kit.

    by: (Polar Lights) model kit about a year ago. I found some info online and I some videos on how someone painted
    /made it so, I think I did a pretty good job making and painting it. I took a lot of insperation from Adams "Cosmonaut"
    model. But I have no idea how to add lights or how to work out power and resistors...
    I would love to get some help / Feedback

    Here is a link to my project:

    I Drilled 3 holes for lights one into the egg
    one into the flashlight and one up through the knee up through the leg and body up to the helmet
    so I'm hoping to put a LED in the helmet light at the top

  • How would I ad LED's and Switch and batteries and a resister if needed to this?
    I have Never done anything like this before. Any Help would be much appreciated

  • Nice work on this! I'm currently working on a Kane uniform.

  • @Banzai88: Thanks, look forward to seeing that

  • You might be able to use those LED's attached to the copper wires....

    This stuff: ebay com au/itm/2-5-10M-Button-Battery-Operated-LED-Copper-Wire-String-Fairy-Lights-ID-/252797406791

  • Thanks TobyWild, I got some Lids and wired it up ill have to add some photos. ill also have to take some good ones :)