Share your 2018 making projects here

Created by NathanielSalzman on Dec. 18, 2018, 9:43 a.m.
  • Hello all, I was just watching this week’s Still Untitled and the team gave a call for us civilians to share our maker projects. I started to ask in the comments “Where should we share those?” and then it occurred to me to just create a topic here.

    So, what did everyone make year?
  • Excellent idea Nathaniel! I built a DL-44 replica for a buddy out of an MGC replica Mauser C96, genuine vintage Hensoldt Wetzlar Ziel Dialyt 3x scope, genuine Tomtit greeblies, and fabricated metal parts and wooden grips from various makers. I have a build thread on RPF here

  • This would have been a great thing to do.... except for the fact that the forums are terrible and spam filled... but the spam seems to be cleared out for a moment...

    Here is a present I made for my Mum and Sister in law for Christmas.

    More photos over on Imgur: