DIY project for me and my son need advice

Created by binaryatlas on June 6, 2018, 10:24 a.m.
  • So i want to spend some time with my son, he is 10 and really loves minecraft. I was thinking we could make some swords or minecraft figures but I am having a hard time finding foam blocks we can cut. I found some foam blocks at the local hobby lobby here but they were for flowers and flaked really bad. Can anyone point me to some good materials to buy? I also saw some people using foam board and gluing paper to it but that looked kinda crappy to me and i was thinking of cutting foam blocks and gluing them together just like you would in the game with blocks. thanks

  • Are you trying to build diorama or something big like a playhouse?

    If you search for "diorama blocks" at, you'll hit on all sorts of things.

    If you search for "diorama" at you'll hit on a lot of materials including blocks I have used called, "FloraCraft Make It Fun Prepainted Foam Bricks"

    OR... You can search on, "FloraCraft Make It Fun Prepainted Foam Bricks" at Amazon.

    If you are trying to build something bigger, you might look for cast off foam rubber. My kid and I worked with the Yolo Young Makers group and built a big cupcake that a person could ride around inside. It was based on an electric wheel chair base. The outside of the project used foam rubber that we painted. I saw the cupcake at Maker Faire this year. After three or four years, the painted foam rubber seems to be holding up nicely. Maybe Craig's List?

    If "price isn't an object," which is usually is, a person might call a shipping company, or U-Line and order up some high density packing foam. I have ordered 4x8 foot sheets of the stuff. It hot glues.

    Home Depot and Lowes sell sheets of pink insulating foam. The stuff comes in various thicknesses, but the 1" thick sheets are pretty easy to work with. You can cut this stuff with a plain knife (like a folding knife). You can glue it. It can be purchased with a shiny foil side or with just pink sides.

    Minecraft seems a lot like Legos. You might try Legos. If you are in California, Sharon at runs robotics camps for kids your son's age. She used to be pretty flexible about letting parents come and help out for the week. I did that when my daughter did the camp a few years ago, there was a lot of building with Legos, programing the Thymio robots and even making presentations about the projects using Google Slides and making chromakey videos. I took a week off work one summer, we stayed in a Motel 6 down in the Bay Area and attended the robot camp in Menlo Park. The immersive helped the kid break away from minecraft for the week and five years later my daughter still talks about, "that summer when we did robot camp and Miss Sharon's house." Now I think there are a number of camps/classes all over.