3D print recycling

Created by Tauntaunmonster on June 5, 2018, 11:01 a.m.

  • I am an exhibit designer for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. Over my years of model making we've made a significant change from more traditional sculpture, to an amalgam of new techniques, particularly 3D rendering and printing. With that increase in production we've also, like many fledgling makers and makerspaces I'm sure, have seen an increase scrapped prototypes, fails, and support material waste. We are environmental stewards here at the museum,and Tested is one of my sources of innovative forward thinking problem solving. Our museum is surrounded by engineers, hobbyists, and young designers at a number of universities. We all love to make, but we're making a mess with our good intentions. How do we meet the call for plastic reduction in the world as we innovate to make our communities better.