Dremel 4000

Created by Arathonk on Feb. 23, 2018, 12:34 a.m.
  • Hey guys!

    So I wanted to get a Dremel for a long time now and I've settled on getting the Dremel 4000,

    Now I just have to choose between 3 types,

    Type one is in a bag, costs 85 Euro's:

    Type two is in a hard case, costs 120 Euro's:

    And finally type three, the premium edition, costs 160 Euro's:

    So any of you guys use the Dremel 4000 and which set did you get? Which set would you recommend?

    I always had the thought that option one, the bag doesn't offer much protection to the tool and option two doesn't allow for extra assesoires, but then again you can buy just a hard case with foam insert yourself to allow for that. And the more expensive set you buy the more assesoires and grinding stuff you get.


  • I use my Dremel with a standard hard grey case and another separate case to hold extra consumables and stuff that won't fit in the main case. The small consumables can be bought cheaply after the fact, so I wouldn't make a decision based on that. As for the other attachments, look at their price bought individually and see whether the extra cost is really worth it. Often with these package deals the manufacturer will add a bunch of small add-ons to make the deal seem better, but won't add anything very useful so you'll still have to spend more money later.