Asking advice on repairing plastic chess set

Created by ArtCerv42 on Jan. 5, 2018, 10:10 p.m.
  • Hello everybody!

    My father has this beautiful chess set given to him by my mother before I was born. Sadly, he lent it once for a tournament and when he got it back most of the pieces were broken. He still gets mad nowadays when he thinks about it, so I decided to repair it and to paint it like a model kit. I'm not sure what kind of plastic it is, but it feels like stirene. I'd like to get some pointers and advice on how to repair it. My first idea is to make a mold of whatever parts are still there, like the axes on the pawns and cast them, and sculpt whatever is missing. I'd really appreciate your help.


  • It's called JB-Weld and is exactly what you need! It will fix all kinds of issues... Hopefully it'll help but generally, any epoxy / bonding agent like Loctite bonding system would work just as well in my opinion. :D

  • any update on this? fascinating project!!!! .

    the only thing i might think of to do.... is take the felt off the bottom of one of those pawns, and do a few "experiments" on the plastic material there on the bottom of the piece. if you can figure out how to properly bond something to that, then you can figure out how to, say, bond something to the horse's lower leg.

    then, after your 'experiment' is done, you can cut it and sand it back flat, then put the felt back on, and nobody will ever know you did it!

  • JB weld is great. Some types of it have steel in them for added strength.

  • I would want to know how much experience you have with mold making and sculpting? If you are well experienced with casting and such I say go that route. It sounds like there is still some tension from that incident and it would be an wonderful gesture to take the time to recreate the set. If the answer is none and you have no experience than that's even better because this could be a great learning project!

    If you do decide to go for this and are looking for some advice about mold making, casting or sculpting I would be happy to help out and recommend some products and or good resources.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you all for the comments. Some materials are a bit difficult to get here in Mexico for a reasonable price, but I'm getting there. I will post some updates soon.

  • @donbright: That's a great idea! I will have to replace the felt on some of them anyway, as it is missing.

  • @JustinHarvilla: I have some sculpiting and casting experience, but not on this scale, so it will be a great learning experience. I just found a store in my city which carries resin like the Smooth-on, So I'll drop by tomorrow and chechk the price.