Material type reference sheet.

Created by VividWhisper on Oct. 8, 2017, 3:29 p.m.
  • Hello all, I am new to the site, tried a couple of searches to see if what i was looking for was available, but I was unable to find such a thing. my idea is to make a google document referencing all different types of materials and what people use them for. From different molding materials (plastics, concrete, etc) to substrates, framing materials, casting materials, and where to obtain them. Things like Instamorph, different clays, and 3d printing filaments (or recycled ones) all laid out in an index like fashion with links and information to decide if the material is right for your project needs. Problem is....I'm not creative. I mean, I am inventive, but not what i would call creative. I have a hard time coming up with the beginnings of projects, but once some sort of substance comes under the idea, I can usually take off from there.

    So, if you want to contribute, please post about projects and materials you use in your crafts, so I can start assembling a list. I'm new to the maker world, but it fascinates me. If you have a particular source for your supplies, please include that so i can also add it to the list. some examples could be: the metal for making chain mail- maybe you make the rings yourself from wire, or you recycle if from certain sources. maybe you are excellent at molds and know of some rarely used casting or shapemaking materials.

    I think a lot of us could use this to expand and mix in new elements into our creative making talents. Thanks for posting!

  • Sounds great. Can you get the google doc started and link it here please?