Created by FRANCO 358 on June 11, 2017, 7:02 a.m.
  • Finally . After a busy 5 months of FX work and a special commission project for Arleen Sorkin and Christopher Lloyd, I can get back to my pet project.

    I decided on a Metallic color for the rest of the Blaster. I'm using Stynylrez Black for the Primer and Basing the Front Pointy Thing in Mr Hobby GX2 Black. The GX 2 is a High Gloss and will be the perfect base color for the Silver top coat.For the top coat I decided to go with MR Color Super Metallic Stainless Steel. The Stainless Steel finish is a perfect complement to the 2 other metallic finishes which are warm toned. After I sprayed the Gx2 , I placed the part in a Deli Cup to keep the dust off as it drys.

  • Slight change to the metallic color . I mixed the Stainless Steel with Mr Hobby Super Chrome . The Stainless steel by itself seemed a bit dark . By Mixing the two the Stainless kept the Chrome from being too shinny and the Stainless from being too dark. I was looking for a slightly polished metal look.

    The next photo is of the Light Ring that goes between the Front pointy thing and the main body. I wet sanded the part with 2000 grit and did two light coats of Gaia Notes clear Florescent Blue . That was then locked down with Mr Hobby Flat Clear.

    Once both parts are dry , they will get glued together, wired and get the Antique wash.