Created by FRANCO 358 on June 11, 2017, 7:02 a.m.
  • Distressing using a Dremel and a bur bit. I first marked the locations with a fine tip Sharpie for composition then ground away . All parts have been fitted and sanded .
  • First Part to get painted. This part had to get painted first because it gets mounted inside the main body before the 2 halves can be glued together. It was painted using Krylon Frosted Glass as the base (4 passes). Then I used Gaia Notes Clear Fluorescent Blue (5 passes ). I then darkened the Chanels by going over them several times using an Airbrush. The last step was to Top Coat with a Flat Clear ( 8 passes) using Mr Hobby Super Clear UV Flat. The Paints were ordered from Japan.

  • First day off in 4 weeks and I used the whole day to get as much done as possible . The Blaster has been glued together along with installing the Light Shroud and the Rear Pointy Thing LED's. I used Plastic Welder to glue the Gun together along with screws to secure both halves. 52N 1/4" X1/4" Magnets were installed in the Side Panel and the Grip pad for easy access. I'm still waiting on Gaia Notes paints that are on back order but are supposed to be here in a week. Mean while I built a Portable Spray Booth that will aid in getting a pristine automotive finish. I will be posting that build on Tested soon.

  • Final paint color match . With out a doubt the paint scheme on the Blaster was going to be tricky. My first impressions of the red color were that it's copper based but in fact it has a stronger red base. After studying photos , the red colored areas don't have a shiny metal look but more an Oxidised metal look ( dulled metal). the sample consisted of a dark base pre-shade and the top color , which was lighter. I used all lacquers , Mr Paint , Copper, Red , Red Brown , Metallic Orange and Gia Notes Prism Magenta Gold. The photo doesn't show very well the subtle prism metallic qualities but in person it does. The next paint test will have heavier pre-shading and subtle breakup ( texture) in the overall paint finish . .

  • No , this is the final color match , After looking at the first sample I posted ,I felt it was too dark especially with out it's Texture and Antique layers. I used the same copper base and added a lighter red and white to the mix . The red and white were Mr Hobby. Should have a completed FINAL paint sample this weekend .

  • OOPS , This is the new paint sample .

  • With the exception of dust in the sample , I'm stoked about the finish. I did a glaze texture with enamels that were thinned down and brushed on randomly . That process was then locked down with a flat clear coat. I then took copper with a little red enamel and did a dry brush on all the hard edges . I lock that down with a flat clear coat.

  • With a new shipment of paints, Body Shopping done .and the Spray Booth pretty much finished , the real painting begins. Today was a Prime coat day . I have several go to primmers but the one I used on today was Stynylerez . It is a fantastic primer for resin and plastic , lays down smooth and doesn't kill the detail . It also comes in several colors , which is why it was used . I wanted to prime the areas with a color similar to the finish color. I'll will be using grey for the rest .

  • That's the spray booth. I will post a build on that soon.
  • Base Color with preshade . I'll let the parets dry for a couple of days and then do the aged glaze effect next.

  • Second color sample final today .

  • Holy shit that's looking good!

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  • Finally getting the second color on. The second color was a combination of Mr Color , Mr Paint and Gaia Notes Metallics . I pre shaded the base then did Highlights back on top of the base . A Black Primer was used so the it would strengthen the pre sdade. It was locked down with Mr Flatt Clear . At that pint I decided do do something else to give more texture to the base color. I used Vallejo Model Air Copper , Gold and Rust and did a mottled texture . That was then dried and locked down with Flatt Clear. Tomorrow Antiquing .

  • Color 2 is done . The photo's don't show the depth of the glazing very well . Next stop the Silver metal finish. I'm choosing a warmer metal like a Stainless steel. I toyed with using Moloto Chrome but on samples it looks too cold and new. More than likely it will be a Mr Color product.

  • wow this is a piece of art

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