Created by FRANCO 358 on Jan. 16, 2016, 7:58 a.m.
  • Dope! Look forward to seeing your progress.

  • That looks amazing. Great job!
  • Looking really nice, looking forward to seeing the next steps :)

  • Amazing work! Keep it up!

  • Looking very cool. Good luck with the parts :)

  • Holy crap man! That is a fantastic build!

  • It looks seriously cool well done. I'd love a Technicians Revenge from Fall Out Shelter which I do play. But I've not seen screen shots / grabs large enough to make it even remotely feasible to replicate. That and my skill level is not near as good as yours.

  • I Haven't seen it in 3d and since the game is a mobile game the screen grabs are tiny.

  • Will the machine be able to pull the plastic down in to those two channels on the top with relatively crisp 90s?

  • I figured was just curious if you'd know there where channels in the plastic or would be disappointed.

  • Very nice.

  • Sick build dude!

  • That's seriously cool. Well done.

  • Very cool!

  • Language warning.

    That is fucking awesome!
  • Did you make the handle or did you find one?


  • I must say that you did an awesome job! It is very detailed.

  • Just wanted to repost pics from this build again. For some reason all of the photo's were deleted from the site .

  • Fantastic! Thank you for sharing. Been arguing with myself over whether to make this and the laser rifle for myself or wait for a licensed one. Too many projects on the list to get too worried about it. But that looks amazing.

  • Hi Tested Community,

    For the last year I've been moving my work into a different direction. I'll be focusing on Miniature Art Diorama's . I'm not saying that I'm done making Props but I'll be focusing on the Miniature work for the next couple of years . I'm selling the Laser Pistol for $2500. This will be the only one besides the original in existance. I have destroyed the molds . If anyone is interested you can message me on Tested.

    Still plan to finish the Alien Blaster .