Smoke for a Dragon Head

Created by dpancake on Sept. 23, 2015, 6:43 p.m.
  • I sculpt dragon heads and I want to make the dragon smoke. The mechanism has to be safe. Someone suggested model train smoker, however, this requires a 14 volt source and there are no 14 volt batteries. Preferably the mechanism has to be small and battery powered. Suggestions?

  • I have none, but I really like this. Great job. I used to be in theatre and have seen some small smoke machines. I will see if I can hunt one down.

    Do you think dry ice and water would work?

  • Maybe get one of those mist makers used in those 'cheap' chinese table fontains. They're about 8 bucks on alibaba and those kinds of sites. But I bet you can order them locally too.

  • It's hard to tell from the pic - how big is your dragon? What's your cost target?

    Fog machines like you see in nightclubs can be acquired on Amazon for $40. I'd imagine that means you could get one from China to closer to $20. If either doesn't fit, it shouldn't be too hard to take apart and put only the important parts inside.

    A quick google reveals this battery powered fog machine:

  • For smoke in tight areas, I've seen cheap "Vape" cigarettes filled with fog juice, triggered by an Arduino or other microcrontroller and a small relay.

  • @thecravenone: From the bottom of his neck to the top of his head is about 2.5 feet. And I need the solution to be less then $75.00. Thanks!

  • @dpancake: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Give me a few to think up something ;)

  • @dpancake: Ok so far got two that work...

    For both these we first need to make the magic sause... This case a splash of glycerin mixed with water (pretty much what commercial fog machines use). I tried a 1on3 mix which made a pleasing volume... might want to experiment though. (1 glyc to 3 Water)

    SUPER Lo-Tech... I took two tea candles and some large paperclips, dumped the one candle out its lil metal cover to use as a cup and made a stand with the paperclips over the second candle. Once lit and the small cup placed over the flame a little bit of our magic sauce made some good smoke. Dragon candle wall sconce with the candle light and smoke flickering in its eyes and mouth..

    High'ish-Tech... This I just took the cheap facial steamer I had.... DONT JUDGE ME!... cough... and put some of the magic sauce in its cup.... POOF! smoke! So should'nt be to hard to break down and hide in the dragon.

    Still thinking on a battery powered version... will get back to you on that....

  • @dpancake: Oh... even more Low Tech...

    Dry-Ice and a splash of water...

  • @dpancake:

    Battery-Powered Tech... Now for this you are going to have to get your hands on this toy:

    Once you have it (and taken it apart) just use out magic fog sauce again for clouds of smoke.

    I should not that for all these use distilled water and food grade glycerin.

  • @dpancake: The glycerin I've been referring too...

    Vegetable Glycerine Kosher -

    And if you want to test the validity of my claim that the machines use something similar... click the sellers name to see his other products ;)

  • @KylevT: Nice. This looks like what I want. I am going to give it a try. Super big thank you! I will post a vid if I get it to work right.


    How about this? I've used the Look Solutions fog units for many years now and they are rock-solid and really easy to maintain. This is the little brother to all the big gun they make, but it still packs quite a wallop. Best of luck!

  • Hey, this is my latest dragon with the guts of Tommy the steam engine toy placed in the nostrils for smoke effect. It is subtle but that is what I wanted. I wanted a person to walk up to the dragon and then say "Hey, that dragon is smoking". LOL here is the video. Thanks KylevT.

  • @dpancake: Oh that's too awesome, worked out perfectly! Ok next project! Blue Dragon, now just how to hook up the Tesla-coil....

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