My all metal Blade Runner PKD Blaster

Created by Andy3E on Sept. 2, 2014, 2:07 p.m.
  • Greetings

    Decided I would jump into the forums and say hi and show you my Steyr Arms Pflager Katsumata Series-D Blaster (aka the PKD) all metal replica.

    This is a RAC props kit issued by Rich Coyle and was my first time working on something of this scale in Metal, previously the largest thing id worked on was an old 40k Dreadnaught back in the mid-90's

    You can see the build thread over on the rpf here: and a load more pictures of the finished gun.

    I'd just like to state I blame Adam entirely for me making this (and ordering the Tomensouke Blaster too) ;)



  • Looks good, and welcome to the Tested Forums.

    I really hadn't seen the PKD disassembled to this level before.

    I am guessing that the upper left corner of the first picture is the castings of the shells/ammo? Did you end up using actual spent cartridges instead? (I noticed the primers had been consumed from the last image)

  • Hi Juan and Thanks for the welcome :)

    Yeh the Kit came with cast bullets but i wasn't overly impressed with them, so i managed to purchase some inert rounds instead, they fit like a glove and look a lot better

  • @Andy3E: That looks great! How much did you pay and where?

  • Hey @sa-maker thanks, I got it from Richard Coyle ( and the kit cost me $600 + shipping to the UK, drop rich an email and he'll let you know when he's doing another run, but they tend to be infrequent, I also have a Tomensouke kit coming to me from Japan

  • Hi Andy3E, I recently got my own kit, and I am having trouble finding a good guide for assembly. I am mainly worried about the right screws in the right place, and the trigger mechanism. Is your thread on the RPF still around? I tried following your link and it lead to a 404.