One of my Holy Grail props- finally!

Created by Honus on Nov. 6, 2013, 11:15 p.m.
  • Stargate Horus is done! Got both of the fan mechanisms installed yesterday- really tricky to get them aligned properly. I also changed the way the head shell mounts to the head mechanism. I'll shoot a build video this weekend that shows all of the movements and how it all works. After that it's time for this bird to leave the nest and travel back to its owner and get a proper paint job.

  • Absolutely amazing stuff !! Can't wait to see the video, still just in awe of this!

    Would love to hear about your thoughts on the possible new Stargate trilogy ;) but maybe we can start another thread for that :)

  • Holy crap! That's fantastic. The fan mechanism is awesome, same for the iris setup!

    You should consider posting a shop tour. I'm guessing you must have some interesting gear.
  • @SamH: Thanks- glad you like it! My shop is basically just one small office room in the basement for electronics work and two overcrowded benches in my garage with the usual stuff- small drill press, scroll saw, portable band saw (my favorite!) and a small inexpensive bench top lathe (Taig.) I can make most all of my mechanical parts with that small lathe, band saw and files. If there's one tool I will never part with it's that lathe- that thing is a little workhorse.

    In the downstairs office it's really just electronics stuff- soldering iron, multimeter, etc. The one electronics tool I really like is the hot air tool (a $100 Sparkfun unit I received for Christmas) because it really saves me when I make mistakes. I recently got a Printrbot Simple (won it in a contest) and it's really cool. I had a laser cutter (one of the coolest tools ever) but my son's school really needed one badly so I donated it to the school- it took up a lot of space that I really didn't have and I can always go over to the school to use it.

    My work is really where all of the really cool tools are- like a $30K laser welder. :) Man I love that thing...

  • All I can say is, WOW! I am addicted to the setup you built for the eyes. And now I want a laser welder! ;)

  • @Honus said:

    That looks a lot cleaner than my old stick welder! LOL

  • That pic shows 60x magnification of two razor blades welded together at the cutting edges using 30 ga (.25mm) stainless filler rod. That's a tiny weld bead!
  • Huuur. I could totally TIG that by hand!

    No, not really. That's freakin' cool. What industry do you work in?

  • @SamH: I'm a jeweler. It's a pretty neat job for someone who likes to make things with their hands.

  • Here's a link to a page with some of the jewelry work I've done-

  • Wow, that is amazing work!

  • @Honus said:

    That pic shows 60x magnification of two razor blades welded together at the cutting edges using 30 ga (.25mm) stainless filler rod. That's a tiny weld bead!

    Holly monkey!!! I didn't realize it was that small. Not much of a chance of me welding that with the old 1/8" 7018 rod! LOL ;)

  • @Siduas: Thanks!

  • @Honus said:

    Here's a link to a page with some of the jewelry work I've done-

    That one ring doesn't look a little mangled, it looks like they ran over it with a car! Beautiful work. I really love the bike work, since I have ridden freestyle BMX pretty much my whole life.

    It is all outstanding work, thanks for sharing. :)

  • @SamH: Here's a few pics of my home work space.



  • After getting everything together I realized the head needed to move up and back, which meant I had to machine a new neck pivot and then adjust the control rod length.

    The really fun part was the caps for the fan mechanisms- once I hollowed them out they didn't fit- doh! I thought I took really careful measurements but close wasn't close enough so I had to make new linkage parts so I could get the caps to fit properly. I also had to add the the little brass sliding tabs that cover the open gap as the fans rotate- just like on the original movie helmets.

    Now the caps fit properly. They're held in place with magnets and a round socket that fits over the fan mech pivot retaining collar so they can be easily removed if any repairs should ever need to be done.

    Shooting the build video tonight- I'll be sure to post a link when it's up!

  • Here's the build video. Skip to 5 min in to see it moving. Video button not working...

  • Amazing work, you really have a gift.

  • @picc: Thank you so much- that's very kind of you to say!

    I wish it hadn't taken me so long to build but that's the way it goes sometimes.

  • Look at what Propstore has up for grabs in their next auction:

    Unfortunately "slightly" out of my league...

  • @firebird: Cool piece! It looks to be in pretty rough shape but I guess that's typical for a stunt piece.