Show Us What You've Made!

Created by will on Dec. 18, 2012, 9:49 a.m.
  • Just finished this Star Wars "Thing" kitbash inspired by Adam's one day builds. Not sure what it is, but I think Jawas are involved!

  • Hi people!! My name's Gerónimo (i'm from Argentina). I'm working my way to be a toy designer/sculptor/model maker/whatever i can make with my hands :P

    This's my latest finished work. A custom figure of General Kenobi from the Clone Wars cartoon from 2003. I used 3 diferent hasbro figures and a lot of epoxy clay. And of course, a complete repaint.

  • First couple of things I tackled with my Taz 5's after years of learning 3ds Max:

    Of course, you have to build the models in 3d..

    Got my printing work cut out for me if I'm dying for a project. I've done a mannequin for my stormtrooper armor. Working on a 3d buildup of a vehicle from Fallout 4 at the moment. And I've got a sideproject of a civil war cannon in 1/6 scale if I ever get the interest to finish it. If you like the trek stuff, I've got hundreds of caps on my photobucket account

    Hope you enjoy these. And thank you all for sharing!!

  • I was taking notes during Still Untitiled but also later looked at MKR's no pattern mask tutorial. FYI 1 yard for the strap is not big enough for my head.

  • Added 3 pics of a Xenomorph head I have been working on since the beginning of February. Don't want to flood the page with pics. There are Work IN Progress Pics and more final pics here.

  • Making bits and pieces for the machine shop. An external depth stop for the lathe chuck, and a speed handle for my milling vise. Both scrap bin projects.

  • And now the internal lathe depth stop:

  • Small clay/epoxy putty sculpting tools based on one of my father's homemade wax modeling tools (far right). Made from brass rod and broken drill bits.

  • I just finished making what I am now calling The Magician's Toolbox. I started it after getting into magic and woodworking around the same time, and I needed a place for all of my magic gear. You can find more pictures and information about the building process at

    Also, no it is not a real credit card.