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Created by will on Dec. 18, 2012, 9:49 a.m.
  • Good Day community of creative`s - I am a new one in here.

    Passionate about my favourite sport and hobby - Airsoft.

    I create heavy games and lots of props and costumes such as Terminators - Nemesis - the Guardians - mech suit for my son etc.

    All suits need to have a forced air cooling system ( Fan ) to avoid heat jam under neath the masks or armor - my creations need also a certain ballistic resistance since 80 people are hammering you with 6mm plastic BB, with about 400fps. so at the end of such a day - we counted a couple of 1000 impacts and dents in the armor and on us ( bb`s always find a sweet spot somewhere )

    In addition due to the limited visibility of the environment ( terminator games are usually in the dark or at night - with lots of smoke to create the earie environment) , do those suits also need a certain protection value in terms of kinetic impact ( falling over stairs or obstacles...,

    all props and suits are in heavy action and physical engagements for sometimes up to 8 Hrs during such a Airsoft or RPG game.

    Don't ask my wife what she thinks about all this - especially about the lack pf space in my basement.

    A few pictures and videos enclosed of my craziness and hobby.


    Helloween suit for my son ( he can put that on like a jacket in 5 seconds - it has a hinge mechanism in the back and it locks infront with rare earth magnets in the frame )

  • I'm work in Z scale (1:220) model railroading and am a bit obsessed with rural to way-out-in the country scenes. In the winter shots are a cast resin snowshed next to a modern concrete rail bridge. The non-snow scenes are mainly my efforts at realism in very small scale. it's an ongoing process!


  • @Ztrains: Those look like stills from an old movie, beautiful work. :)

  • @kim_a: Thank you Kim!

  • @will: I've made a Doctor Who themed pedal board for my effects pedals and finished a case for it based on Kaneda's bike from Akira. I need to add for stickers/decals to the case, but here is a pic of everything so far.

  • I know this is pretty bad Astrophotography, but with my 6" orion Xt6 Dobsonian and my Sony Nex 5n it is as good as it gets. It took 7 or 8 hours learning how to use the Registax software to stack the best 150 frames from a 2 minute video of Jupiter, I then stacked 150 or so for the moon shot and then combined them in photoshop so they are both properly exposed.

  • Hi all, been reading for the last coupe of days and its all very inspiring.

    I finished this recently for DragonCon, it was a hybrid costume. JUDGE PREDD.

    full Silicone head/hands and torso all made by me, and the body armour was made by me. some other parts were then sourced.

  • @Valor: That Gonk droid is freaking sweet.

  • Hi

    Thought you might like to see my nuclear alarm clock I made quite a while back now - taken from the Thermal Nuclear Weapon in 'Broken Arrow'.

    Loads of other stuff lying around (I think my SFX Tardis video is still on my Youtube channel as well)

    Thanks all!

  • Hello :) I'm an 20 years old boy from Norway who loves Woodworking. Here are some of my projects:

    Im sorry for some of the bad pictures. it was taken with my old phone.

    Garden Bench. Known from the area where i come from as "Sørlandsbenk". Beatiful and good to sit in.

    The project that i am the most proud of: coffetable made of pine, oak and cherry-tree.

    Danish Wood oil really do wonders:

    just another coffetable with a more rugh style.

    And i needed a tv-bench to match it:

    Another garden bench. Originally without the backs, i made around 5-8 of those, but when i couldnt sell the last two, i made this one:

    At last i just had to show all you guys my favorite place on earth. It was made almost entirely of children from 10 to 20 years old, with little bit of help from our parents. Everbody is a member of our lokal 4H club. And 4H motto is "Learning by doing". A perfekt motto for this site.

  • Hi Guys

    Just joined a few days ago and this is my first post.

    After two years work i just finished this original scratch built space delivery ship, The Nylon Gag MK1.

    What do you think?





  • @Aimel44: That is a very Impressive Little house that the 4H club built, It takes a certain amount of talent to build something of an odd shape like that, and make it look intentional, and Clean at the same time. Which it appears everyone has pulled off. Also its a great motto to have along with a wonderful source of encouragement for young builders. Rather than what has turned into the norm in a lot of places in american schools of "You can't do that, why bother trying".

  • My day job is making jewelry.

    Here's a Platinum ring I made that has some crazy detail work. It was an extremely complicated job- the opening on the side of the ring is only 8mm wide- it's a very small ring (I think it was a size 4 1/2.) The vine/leaf insert had to be fabricated by hand from 14 individual parts. The vine is only .08mm (.003in) thick by 1mm deep so all the leaves and details had to be hand engraved and welded on using a laser. The small diamonds in the top of the ring are 1.2mm diameter.

    Rose gold pendant with a 30 carat red Zircon surrounded by champagne and white Diamonds-

    Here's a 12 carat orange Sapphire with 328 Diamonds set in white Gold-

    Here's a Platinum engagement ring I created for a client. I wrote up a complete tutorial here.

  • @MoonpieNobot said:

    @will: I've made a Doctor Who themed pedal board for my effects pedals and finished a case for it based on Kaneda's bike from Akira. I need to add for stickers/decals to the case, but here is a pic of everything so far.

    Here it is all done

  • I etched the old Tested logo into a copper sheet and turned it into magnets.


    Like most all of my crafting (and I suspect many things in the world), this took many steps, all important, but none of them actually difficult.

    The full etched sheet
    1. I took a JPG (sorry, not a GIF) of the tested logo (I'm not typing the actual name because I forget the spelling and will not look it up at work) and used GIMP to turn it into a monochrome image I could use. I took out the 'Tested' because it would mean the finished image had less burny face.
    2. Printed the finished image onto PNP Blue paper(actually not paper) using a laser printer (I own a cheap $70 one specifically for this).
    3. Transfered the resist to a cleaned 6"x12" sheet of 18 gauge copper. This takes an iron. Also, I've never had 100% success. Those dirty looking spots are where the resist didn't transfer and I filled in with Sharpie. That only sometimes works. I use that size copper simply because that is what my local shop stocks and I did plan far enough ahead to source a sheet closer to 8.5"x11". This is why you see the partial logos on the full sheet. I had to hack the printed sheet into useful chunks.
    4. I used Liver of Sulfur to add a dark patina. I sanded the high parts to get them back to copper color I desired.
    5. Added a light coat of clear vanish (Krylon clear satin finish). To keep the patina and copper from changing color or wearing. I don't go heavy here because I fear a heavy coat would crack in the next step.
    6. I used a jewler's saw (a small coping saw with very fine blades) to cut out all the squares.
    7. I filed the edges flat and rounded the corners (they can be quite sharp)
    8. I finished the vanish coat.
    9. I glued magnets on the back using epoxy. My brilliant and lovely wife handles the epoxy for this step. I just stick the magnets in place.
    10. Rolled them all up in tissue paper and they will be mailed off to Tested's offices later today.
    The skulls SAY "Prepare food on me and die"
  • Really cool stuff you guys made :-)

    My recent project;

    Intalling a 7" tablet into my car.

    Heres how it looks originally;

  • I make software. Unfortunately, I have nothing cool to show, as it's all console based :)

    If you want to look anyway, here is a neat little C profiler I made:

    And I am working on my own operating system, but that's not finished yet.

  • Nothing super detailed, but pretty pleased how this Elle form Kill Bill and my random killer costume turned out!

  • I built and painted this a few weeks ago, not sure if that counts as "made" but it's the closet thing I do to making stuff.

  • I like bicycling, this is my bike

    I have a secret equipment, you could see on bike, a white camera, it can help me take video without handle DV.

  • Built a lightbox

  • I took 19 of the images (from a pool of ~400 I took) through my 6" dobsonian reflector with my Nex 5n used similar post processing techniques then stitched them together. I think I am going to do this for the rest of the moon cycle and put together a really cool Moon phase photo.

  • @YoThatLimp: was this a panorma style stitch, or was it just a Image stack for noise reduction/definition?

  • @TsunamiJuan said:

    @YoThatLimp: was this a panorma style stitch, or was it just a Image stack for noise reduction/definition?

    Panorama stitch with Microsoft ICE, I took 19 single exposures and stitched them into one photograph. Because my telescope is acting like a 2400mm lens the moon looks like this:

    The moon moves pretty fast so i was taking shots in 5 shot bursts as it drifted across my FOV. I did that for the top, the middle and bottle and split each third into fourths if that makes sense so i would take 20 photos for each third (top, middle bottom), then took the sharpest of the bunch because the seeing that night was horrendous. I did that several times with several different exposures to find one I dug.

  • @YoThatLimp: Okay that makes sense, I was looking at your composite going man that looks sharper than my shots @ 1260mm's. But when I look at a full size sample of one of your frames, It has much the same atmospheric Aberrations as mine did.

  • @MrFoo: You would most wanted in the middle ages for that designer chain mail armour. I like 'em

  • Recently made this for a client- 18K rose Gold with a cushion cut Diamond center stone.

  • @will: I recently discovered this site and just like Goldie Locks, this place is "just right". Just a bunch of creative folks who love to make and talk about cool stuff. I'd like to contribute with one of my simpler creations, a Steampunk Nerf. The cost was minimal, but it was a lot of fun to make... let me know your comments!

  • I am pretty new to building and making so I am starting small and imprecise with a custom Harry Potter wand. I have a TON of projects I want to do, but I have to work up to them.

    I made it one evening because my roommate commented on the fact that I hadn't completed a single project in a year. It is just a wood dowel filed down to get the shape with random beads and hot glue. A thumb tack is stuck on the end and I covered it in acrylic paint (Just brown, and some black for weathering).