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Created by will on Dec. 18, 2012, 9:49 a.m.
  • @Valor: Awesome, looks very real indeed. :)

  • @PilotXIan: Awesome Clem hat! I also played it with my lady friend, sadly she wouldn't be as excited about such an amazing prop.

  • @BackyardWorkshop Awesome website! I can't wait to look around it more and see all your projects. You're an incredible craftsman

  • I made a new Baroness custom today using the kit that I sell in my store. I had to make a new one because Baroness v1 took a dive off the shelf she was living on and broke. I was crushed for a moment then I pulled my shit together and made what you see above out of the head and arms I salvaged off v1 and the body and legs of the kit. I am needless to say, pretty happy about how this turned out.

    If you're interested in the kit you can head over to my store and pick one up! The kit itself comes with a different head and arms but its still pretty snazzy [link] and you can always switch out parts cuz its a kit.
  • @Barta: Very cool stuff sir. I haven't made furniture in ages but its always a great project when its something that you can use in everyday life and these all look really clean and functional.

  • @damienwebb: Very cool. Diggin that a lot.

  • @bigben said:

    Just finished making a walking Theo Jansen strandbeest out of maple and walnut, here's a video of the build (I'm entering it in a woodworking contest):

    Next step is to make it wind powered, I'll post another video once I get that figured out.

    I'm going to start a thread in the makers forum, sorry, new to this site....

    Amazing craftsmen ship! I came here to post a beerpong table I made in college but now I don't feel worthy to do so. I can't follow your built. That was spectacular!

  • @Valor: Congrats on being featured on! :)

  • @kim_a: Thanks! Totally cool Friday surprise!!!!

  • Wow there are a lot of people on this forum that have insane amounts of talent.

  • Hi all,

    Alex and Leon here from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Just new to the forum and wanted to share with you some of the Props we made for Leon's 21st. We worked on this for about 9 months and after hearing Adams talk at Maker fair about why we build things, we totally understand where he was coming from as we both feel the same way!

    We would like to share with you guys just some of the props we made for the party (which was a great success)

    If you want to see more you can visit our website:

    hope you enjoy

    Alex and Leon

  • I don't know if this counts but I built this car pretty much from a rusted basket case.

    I hand fabbed the airdam, camber plates, roll cage, fuel cell box.

    I cut and formed the panels to replace the rusted out floor boards.

    I have more pictures of the build but they're not on my Kindle.

  • @johndeere97: Photos aren't showing.

  • I started collecting the 4" Hasbro figures from the Iron Man movies after IM2 was released and I finally found the last figures(a MK1 and MK2) a few months ago. The templates were created by two paper modelers and I re-sized them from 1:12 scale to 1:18 scale and created the custom middle section so it could fit in my corner cabinet. Light bars are illuminated with string lights(also called fairy lights). Each "bay" took around 4 hours to make and it is made entirely of cardstock paper.

    The entire project involved a ton of cutting, gluing and taping but it was totally worth it!

  • @therealjustin: Holy. That looks fantastic.

  • Nice work.
  • @therealjustin: Thats a solid setup for sure. I keep coming back to this and it really makes me wanna build a set for some figures cuz it turned out so damn well. Top shelf work.

  • I continue to keep the Justice League Unlimited figure line going by making kits that Mattel either never got to or didn't bother with. My latest piece of work is the much requested Powergirl kit.

    She just went up in my store after being on pre-order for the last two weeks so I'm pretty happy about this. All parts cast in smooth white resin and ready to be painted up! I'm really kind of proud of this piece and think it turned out really well and the amount of pre-orders I got on this tell me folks really wanted this as well so its been a win win!

  • @therealjustin: Can i ask how much the mats cost? (not including the figurines)

  • @Sonowake:


    Light gray cardstock paper - $10 for 250 sheets, office supply store

    Inkjet ink - $5 from Amazon, fits my Canon MG5220 but is available for other models as well

    LED light strings(also called fairy lights) - $8 for two sets at Big Lots

    LED light bar with velcro backing - $12 at Walmart

    I think this project is definitely doable for under $40. The figures were $5-$12 each by the way.

  • I spent about 2 weeks on a off putting these together. Everthing other than the text is made in illustrator. I have some screenshots of the process posted on my blog here

  • @jbarkan: Awesome.remind me to the Newton virus from Troika while ago

  • Okay this workstation is not a thing of beauty, a craftsperson i aint but its brill because its the first thing i have made with my teenage son. I made it for his room, his geekyness had outgrown his space, made it out of plywood in an afternoon. It was a totally organic project, we scribbled a plan on a scrap of paper and went for it. Really chuffed with it :).

  • Obviously I didn't build the entire bike but I did a lot of work on it. Paint, front fender and seat I made did myself and modified most of the other stuff. It was my first time painting so that was a learning experience for sure.

  • @Jay Ace: Is that gold-leaf on the stripe/brass-knuckles? Beautiful paint-job.

  • @kim_a: Apologies, I should have mentioned that the knuckles and numbers are stickers. Black, white and the gold stripe is real paint. Gold stripe is metallic and not gold-leaf. Reasoning behind using stickers was because I could change the look without repainting the whole tank :)

  • @Jay Ace: Dig it man. I'm actually about to head out for a ride myself.

  • I'm constantly making stuff, but today I posted a how-to for making a huge desk, covered in whiteboard paint!

    There's a full article/how-to on the build at (my blog)

  • I made this scale(ish) replicat of Samus' arm cannon from the Metroid Prime series. There is a Wiimote embedded in the top of the controller, and the fire and jump buttons are rewired to a trigger inside so you can play the Wii versions of the games by pointing the arm at the tv with one hand and using the Nunchuck with the other.