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Created by will on Dec. 18, 2012, 9:49 a.m.
  • My latest paint job. The paint job is a little worse than the others as this was a one day project and seeing if it was possible to do a whole weapon in one day. and it's ok, not great though.

  • @will: I am currently working on a Han Solo dl-44 blaster and Hogwarts castle and will post pics when I am done.

  • After Norm's post about SimCity and layouts of cities, it sparked my interest in Walt Disney's original envision of Walt Disney World and EPCOT again.

    For those that somehow do not know what this is... (a good video to watch regardless)

    (talk about EPCOT starts at 6 minutes)

    since great images of the layout are hard to come by, I started working on a vector of EPCOT. There are couple different renderings of EPCOT, all with minor and significant differences (slight changes in layout of roads n stuff), and I'm not going to stay specific to any single rendering. I plan on making it look really nice, but right now I'm just laying it out.

    Took me quite a number of hours to get this far (tricky because it's not a perfect circle) and it's not done yet. I already have some things I want to change. One idea I have for this when I'm done (besides an awesome poster) is a web app where you will be able to hide/highlight or whatever certain aspects with descriptions n stuff.

    Here is one of the renderings so you can kinda see where this is going.

  • Got some more done.

    ...and even more. I think adding trees will make it super busy, as well as being a pain in the ass, so I think I'm going to leave them out. I'm not sold on the colors and I think the middle might need some more detail to equalize the complexity.

  • Hey guys,

    The gallery opening had a bit of a soft launch due to Snowpocalypse here, but I've got pictures now of all the 3D printed mecha figures I have on display!

    Lots more pics of everything on my site!

  • Since there are a couple of Neon-related stories on the main page, I figured I would share some neon work. This is a sign I made this fall, 10mm glass tubing filled with Argon and Mercury, mounted on a custom made, powdercoated, steel can:

    This was my second finished sign, made after about 10 classes in neon fabrication in the sculpture department at AAU in San Francisco (I'm a graphic design major, not a sculptor). Lots of fun and very challenging.

    Photos of the sign, and a couple of process-shots, can be seen here:

  • @jetpackbraggin: Nice, I like that the Dredd helmets are getting a lot of love. :)

  • Here are a few odds & ends I've whipped up over the past year. I've found that speakers are a good way to break into making things. Usually they are not that difficult to build and there is a ton of resource material out there. Also when you finish, you have functional piece that people can easily appreciate. Cheers!

    I apologize for the poor picture quality, need to upgrade to a proper camera.

  • Awesome speaker work! Very clean. Professional quality

  • I made a vector ass vector game in Unity over the course of 2 months for a project for school. An independent study specifically so I was given a lot of freedom over what specifically the project would be so I decided on Unity, since I had heard it was the Indie Engine of choice in a Quick Look, I decided on Vector Graphics to compensate for me having no modeling skills and I decided on a game where you, a robot, shoot at bad robots. Abominations the game calls them. I've had a basic idea of gunplay where you and most of your enemies could only shoot in compass directions for a while now. I've always liked the idea because in it lining up your shots and avoiding enemy fire are 2 sides of the same coin. I find it interesting. I also wrote a bunch of programming humor into screens between each of the 16 levels I made. I think they're funny. I have no idea if they're actually funny.

    I call it MissionID 2700. Quick word of warning, might be a bit hard. Sorry about that.

  • Zombie preparedness! Bored in the basement shop the other night. Junk wood and spray paint.

    Made some mounts for my zombie choppers.

    Thanks Tested - keep it comin.


  • Built these 3 this week and putting together a 4th tonight.

  • My first real DIY thing was this Hannibal mask I made from Silence of the Lambs. I only had a couple days to get it made before Halloween, and I was working from a super cheap hockey Halloween mask, so I'm surprised I ended up with anything resembling the mask from the film.

    Here's what I started with:

    And here's what I ended up with:

  • I am fond of pencil sketching, I do not have toany training but try my level best copy the things as it is. I will soon share the snaps with you people.


    Here are a few things I've made. You can see more by checking my deviantart page

    or my online store where I sell things I've made

  • @Mesoyka: Nice stuff sir. I use to do car stereo custom installs for about 6 years about 20 years ago and loved making enclosures and you're right, when you're done people can enjoy it also! Some nice work there sir.

  • @mburkit: Heck yeah man! Love all of it but the Rocketeer holds a special place for me. I'm currently making a Rocketeer figure kit and I would love to one day have a complete cosplay of the character. Man I'm jealous, thats so neat.

  • As a direct result of browsing and specifically Adam's podcasts, I've been inspired to start my first replica prop build. Thanks guys, you're awesome.
  • So I took Will's advice for a while back and decided to play through Telltale's "The Walking Dead" with a lady friend of mine. As I own the game I wanted to get her something to remember our time playing together.

    She's a big fan of Clementine and it seemed only right for my first attempt at making to be Clem's hat!

    I've seen the official Telltale replica in a few of the office videos over at Giantbomb and, I've got to be honest, I was a little underwhelmed by them. To me they lacked the sense that they'd come from within the world of the game, there was no sense that they'd been "lived in" but simply splashed with a little red dye.

    Here's my attempt.Now I know it's not 100% on the money but I'm pretty pleased with my final out come! I will admit that I took some artistic licence and did my own thing with it a bit. The mesh backing, for example, is not present on Clementine's hat in game but the "trucker hat" vibe is totally in keeping with my lady friends style, thus I went with it!

    I'd love to get some feedback!

    We're about to play through episode IV this evening. I've been looking forward to playing this one for what feels like an enternity! @gary I'm hoping you'll deliver and l'll end the episode as an emotional wreck!

    EDIT: I've just realised that it doesn't come out all too well in the photo but the hat was given a number of coffee bath's to give it a dirty/sweaty look and colouration.

  • The recent Still Untitled mentioned how great pop rivets were for attaching materials like leather, metal, etc. I made this when I was like 14 or 15? I think, I dont know.

    Totally out of stuff from the dumpster or the thrift store. I attached a hinge to the inside of the "helmet" area and pretty effectively made it into a closing container for whatever I might want to keep in it! Had a blast doing it!

    I'm really looking forward to getting my hands into some welding. Hopefully I'll be able to find some good deals on Craigslist for equipment

  • Programs count as made things too right!?

    For my friend's baby shower, they had the idea of getting together a bunch of pictures of themselves and cutting out their features to allow party goers to construct predictions on what their baby would look like. They were having trouble getting the various pictures to print out at a normalized size that'd work so me being the computer/art guy, asked if I could help. After sorting through the pictures, I decided I could resize them, but they'd all look like crazy magazine ransom note cutout constructions. Wouldn't it be better to just make a program where you could choose which features to use and then print them out on a printer instead? So I made this thing.

    The husband's features are on the left, wife's on the right and multiple clicks would cycle through available versions. I also added in a couple for fun thingies because why not? I guess it ended up working out okay at the shower =)

    It's stupid I know, but I love that we live in a world where this kind of nonsense can just happen =P

  • Man, so Many ridiculously talented people here.

    I needed a new desk for work, so I built one. Ended up being more expensive than a desk at idea, but it is really solid and I built it.

  • @Enjaypee: Love the wooden ratchet :) what is your portfolio in?

  • @kim_a: Thanks! I had a quiet afternoon so I blindly reached into my toolbox to make something in wood. My portfolio is just things I've made. Originally I had aspirations to be a movie model maker. I guess I was 20 years too late so these days I just make things I'm interested in, sometimes miniature scale.

  • Hey folks, I've been meaning to do this project for a while. I wanted a droid, but can't really afford to build R2. Plus, I've always loved the concept of the Gonk. I wanted a smallish Gonk because I don't have much room. I built this out of two Rubbermaid 4-gallon containers, so this is more of a half-size Gonk. He stands about 24-inches tall. He's small but still feels full-scale, as opposed to a model of a Gonk. This was important to me. I wanted him to feel "life-size."

    I wanted to build a bit of "plausible use" into him. I know Gonks are essentially walking batteries. I postulated that he would need a number of powered connections for machinery, ships, etc. to hook into. So there are a number of powered "ports" on him that various connectors would attach.

    I also wanted him to be "powered". So there is a single LED inside each power port (perhaps signaling port status). He also has a muti color blinking center "eye" and a lit main power button. All the led lighting effects were created with a simple batter-operated LED holiday light set from Target. I just added a push button switch from Radio Shack to the front to turn it on and off.

    The rest of him is greebled up with various things I found in my shop and at the American Science and Surplus store. His feet are cut from wood and greebled to look legitimately "hydraulic". I wanted a color-scheme reminiscent of the classic Kenner action figure.

    I didn't keep exact track of the budget, but I can safely say i spent under $80 total. I'm really satisfied with him.

  • I saw Davinci Code again the other night. The cryptex has always fascinated me. I know you can buy a pretty decent authorized replica, but I researched online and found some fairly nice tutorials for building one out of common plumbing fittings. I know it's not real screen accurate, but I tried to capture the spirit of the original prop. I may weather and detail this one later to better simulate the real prop. But for now, I'm happy with the results.

    It's a fun, super cheap weekend build. And a great prop to build with a kid!

  • I set out to make my own full-metal raygun. But as I set out to the junkstores I quickly realized I had to wing it based on what found pieces I could find.

    I don't think I'll spoil the illusion by telling you what every part is. I will tell you I'm pretty proud of the solid Cherry wood grip I carved. And the emitter tip became a project in itself. It is completely scratch built.

    As far as the design goes, I wanted to have a thirties or forties serial sci-fi look to the gun. Nothing against a more steampunk aesthetic, I just wanted mine to be more streamlined. Less greebles. I also decided against painting or weathering it to look vintage. This is more of a fresh from the factory look.

  • @Adelie said:

    Here is part of an Aluminium Chess set. All pieces were hand cast in my home made foundry and machined by me:

    These are incredible, interested in selling a set? :P

  • Those chess pieces are pretty nice! I would go nuts turning similar shapes 32 times! I also liked the kazon model, the wooden ratchet, and DJs "xbox"

    Here's some of my geekyness at work:

  • I've been super-inspired by Adam's latest Tested videos where he builds and weathers some beautiful cases. I especially loved his Bladerunner case. It;s a beautiful non-canon piece that totally honors the BR universe.

    So, I set out to create my own non-canon case from a movie I love (ALIEN). I also wanted to use the project to push my weathering techniques to make an original piece that looks authentic to the ALIEN universe.

    Here's the final product. It is a biological specimen containment case used on the Nostromo and ships of that era. This case was used to collect and transport alien biological specimens – under a strict quarantine. This case was abandoned in the bowels of the Nostromo after the alien samples were collected.

    The main case is a old plastic military surplus case found at a surplus store. It's big, (18" tall) and has beautiful character. Bonus is much of the "weathering" is done for me.

    The graphics are a combination of painted graphics done with frisket, and labels printed out on a laser printer. The fonts and graphics are based on known Alien/Weyland graphics with a bit Promethius thrown in for good measure. My favorite is the green winged-figure Weyland Megacorp label I found online. Following Adam's lead I set to scuff, scrape, sand, stain and age every label. The entire case has been scraped, stained and treated with several washed of acrylics bringing out every detail in the white plastic surface.

    Undo the rusted butterfly latches and you'll find four cataloged containment cylinders inside. The cylinders were created from PVC parts. Similar aging and graphics were used on the cylinders.

    The end result is immensely rewarding. It feels so REAL! And it was a fairly simple and quick project. Thanks, Adam for the inspiration.