Show Us What You've Made!

Created by will on Dec. 18, 2012, 9:49 a.m.
  • I made a flashlightsaber: [Can't seem to post images for some reason.]

    It's a 3D-printed lightsaber model with a built-in flashlight.

    More details in my blog:

  • I have made myself a custom display cabinet to put in my growing collection of 1/6 scale fingers.

    The cabinet was made of clear acrylic, mirrored acrylic, ply wood, and hard wood.

    The main build is complete but I do still want to put in some lights to really finish it off.

  • I've made some wood sculpture props and have a bunch of projects in progress. Most of them are figures.

  • This is my favorite Steampunk gun that I've made.

  • I just have to connect old Hen here to his Plaque and he's a fishing trophy of a different kind.

  • I had quite a bit of scrap wood in bags so I tried making a dinosaur skull , this one's a 1/3 adult size Parasaurolophus. There's still a lot to do on it yet.

  • Some paint details yet to do. I didn't do this on a lathe it's all vertical contour cut. I wanted to make it but lathes are too expensive for me.

  • I had a dream that I made a violin that had strange carved patterns so I did my research on violins when I woke up and several weeks later I had a violin. It works too.

  • @Absrnd: Dude, that Star Gate is epic! Love the details. Nicely done :-)

  • Hydra, that Mr. Limpet fish is beautiful! Please tell me you're not going to really mount him like a trophy (yes! do it!) because that would just be sick (so sick dawg!).

  • Indeed . I made him in "Thrum" pose I thought that would be appropriate.

    I made a little fake brass tag at the bottom of the mounting plaque that says "Das Limpet".

    Yes. Even sicker. I thought of making this ever since I saw Henry in a fish shop window on a background of Sylvester, tweety and granny.

  • NOVA Arms Limited Model 77 Osiris, electronically-fired chemical laser pistol, chambers a 10x14 MM LaserChem round from a 10-round stripper clip.

    Built from PVC piping, wood, Nerf parts, IKEA hangers, and various greebles. Posting more pics soon!

  • I'm new to Tested, although I've been sharing on The RPF for quite a while, but couldn't resist sharing the finish of the ROTJ Thermal Detonator I've built to give as a gift. Fully functioning lights and sounds, and motion detection to switch between modes. The step-by-step pics and notes are on Tumblr, along with the other build projects I have going on or have completed.

  • Replica of a fallout sign painted on metal sheeting

  • T-Rex made of paper mache and wood filler. still needs work and some more teeth.8 1/2 ins

  • Making my own Talos from Jason and the Argonauts if this works out

  • Faux Vintage Sony "Box Camera" mounted on a vintage tripod, used for shooting everything from Civil War reenactments to 1920's Lawn Parties. Time Lapse of the Roaring Twenties Lawn party at The Crane Estate, Ipswich, Massachusetts

  • This vampire hunting kit is a personal project I've been tinkering with for the past couple of months, all made from inexpensive materials. More making of pics here -

  • @Brian Taylor: That's beautiful work. I love how unified it all looks.

  • Thanks @SamH glad you like it.

  • @Hydra: The Amazing Mr Limpet. Hadn't thought about that movie in years. Loved it as a kid-and I agree, mounted as a fishing trophy is just . . . wrong, in all the right ways.

  • I 3D-printed some custom game pieces for King of New York:

    More pictures in my blog:

  • @firebird: Those are some nice looking buildings you have there, lovely and clean. Nice work.

  • I can't take the credit for the original buildings, they're based on these:

    I just modified them a bit to make the "3" buildings bigger than the "2"s, and added the scoring symbols on them.