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Created by will on Dec. 18, 2012, 9:49 a.m.
  • My latest project has been replica Ecto Goggles from Ghostbusters, they are still a work in progress, I need to figure out some weathering for them.

  • Four Emus Bay to Breakers Race - Anybody remember these runners?

  • Four Emus Mascots

    Constellation Wines U.S. Pacific Wine Partner's Four Emus Winery emu mascots. Foam-constructed emu body on top of helmet base with chin strap, genuine emu feathers covering entire body, black, grey and blue marabou feathers on neck and head with hand painted acrylic eyes and details on head neck and beak. Optional running suits.

    Other pics @

  • Seeing Adams ComiCon costume actually drove a long time follower of Tested to registering here and posting. Why? Because it reminded me of one of my very first serious ventures into making and costuming. I did not make a space suit, but settled for a facehugger. This was something like 12-13 years ago. I just went up into the loft and got a picture of what is left of it:

    Duct tape, wires, paint, some foam and liquid latex. Oh! And fake finger nails, of course :)

  • Instead of having one behemoth sticky thread for all creations.. maybe encouraging people to create topics for their projects (or for themselves if they have multiple projects of a similar nature) would be easier to follow? It's kinda hard to keep track of new projects / project updates / conversation on a project when they're all mish-mashed together with other posts (most of which have multiple picture sets) like this.

  • I made a miniature TARDIS:

    3D-printed in wax, for being made into a pendant - it's not as easy as it sounds, shrinking a shape and still make it work; we're not done yet...

  • Spider-Man Black Cat Comics MASK Costume Prop

    Brand new hand-sculpted wet-molded leather reproduction mask painted black with convex UV orange lenses and adjustable elastic strap. One size fits many. Unitard and gloves.

  • Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Video Game Release

    For a convention we did original work to bring two characters live to promote the game: Cleopatra & Barbarian

  • Adam mentioned working on a film with David Arquette.

    I was selected by costume designer Annie Rothschild with Coquette Productions, co-founded by David Arquette and Courtney Cox, to provide a costume for a short film based on the Butler’s in Love painting by Mark Stock starring Paul Reubens and Maria Lamance directed by David Arquette.

    I made this for Maria:

    Speaking of David. I'd love to see Adam on Dancing with the Stars.

  • Antylyz was selected by marketing group to design video game costumes of Seraph and Ophanum [Angel and Devil] for the Mind Storm Alpha Omega role playing game release at Wizard World in Chicago, IL.

  • The Magic Wardrobe was selected by U.R.O.K. Productions costume designer Janie Bryant at LA Center Studios to design costume items for the late 50's TV series Mad Men pilot for American Movie Classics.

    January Jones is best known for her turn as a demure suburban housewife on the series Mad Men. She wore our 1950's style petticoat half slip and pouffer in the famous laundry room scene on the washer during the first season.

  • Punisher Coat & Vest

    Many additional pictures at

    The Magic Wardrobe's Punisher Vest was a huge hit at Wizard World in Los Angeles. Zen met the entire cast and ended up on Playboy TV with The Punisher lead actor Thomas Jane. Zen was also invited to wear the vest at the Red Carpet movie premiere in Los Angeles.

  • Gundam Wing Heero Yuy Preventers Pilot Uniform Anime Costume Prop

    Brand new custom made to your measurements non-tailored wind breaker style uniform jacket with collar made of dark navy blue gabardine and fully lined in navy satin, olive green yokes on front and back with inset on left arm, shoulder pads, and pale grey piping around neck, lower yoke edges and arm holes. Decorative patches on each upper sleeve: a black, pale grey and jade with stylized “P” appliquéd patch on left side, and light blue, yellow, olive, and royal blue double star within a circle appliquéd patch on right side, long sleeves with edge straps and buckles around wrists, center front zipper closure, two 4.5” decorative zippers on each chest front, a gold and red campaign ribbon with center gold and red hexagonal design above right side zipper, elastized waist band, and ID badge above left side zipper. Uniform pants made of matching dark navy gabardine with flat front, fly closure, waist band, belt loops and button closure, front hip pockets and steamed front crease.

    Additional pictures may be seen at

  • Almost forgot to show you all the artwork these costumes were based on. The boots included. Hand-made patches even.

  • James Bond 007 Dr. No Ursula Andress 60s Bikini Belt Sheath Costume Prop

    Brand new, custom-made to your measurements, retro 60's off-white cotton push up bikini top with deep plunging neckline, padded cups, under wire, center front tie, fabric shoulder straps with elastic and center back hook and eye closure. 60’s style bikini bottom fitting straight around hip line with leg openings raised a little on the sides (not high or low cut) with full back side coverage.

    Optional 2” wide white cotton webbing diving belt with interlocking brass coloured buckle. Optional buckle variations not pictured available.

    Optional grey and brown leather diving knife sheath to fit any size knife (knife not included) with snap strap to hold knife in place, and hanging belt loop.

  • Rocket Man 1949 Serial Jacket Helmet Costume Prop

    Many progress pics at

    and Rocket Man GI Joe Miniature Jacket

  • "I feel very lucky to have hooked up with you guys... Elizabeth has created THE most accurate replica I have ever seen. I couldn't be happier with my costume... Gary

    Visit Gary at The Rocketpage at:

  • Tim Burton Corpse Bride Dress

    Many pics at

  • Venture Brothers Dr. Girlfriend Mrs. The Monarch Cartoon Dress Gloves Hat Shoes

    Some pics at

  • Original Design Dragon Lady Wedding Dress Gown

  • Moulin Rouge Satine Finale Gown Crown Necklace

    Indian inspired strapless Victorian gown that fits very tight from the bust line through the waist, drapes around hips, floor length with a moderate train. Matching beaded, sequined trim around the bust line and on the bottom layer of the skirt and train. Optional tiara and necklace.

    Tiara is layered gold lace over gold fabric over a wire base. Wired plastic headband covered with fabric and gold trim, embellished with faux pearls and rhinestones, gold and silver metallic trim, rhinestones and faux pearls with gold and rhinestone buttons. Beaded chain and rhinestone chain suspended across forehead from gold and rhinestone buttons attached to headband. Silver-beaded tassels. Three strands suspended across the back suspended with assorted blue crystals, faux pearls and silver foil crystal and acrylic beads.

    Deluxe necklace is low collar band of faux pearls, gold and rhinestones band followed by a row of silver with rhinestones followed by silver necklace with silver tear shapes and crystals suspended. Row of foil-lined beads with an Aurora Borealis rhinestone embellished pendant. Silver-pointed, crystal-tipped diamond-shaped necklace embellished with very detailed silver necklace also embellished with crystal and rhinestones.

  • The cyber doll Venus 1 is back and being reproduced from the original master molds by the original designer. This life size doll has been seen in Playboy, Hustler and Libido magazines, HBO and venues such as the Consumer Electronics & Software (CES) convention in Las Vegas and Reno, the Erotic Museum in NY, and at the Speakeasy Gallery in LA, CA

    Many naughty pictures of her are available if you ask.

  • As a game developer I don't create a lot of physical things, I'd like to say I create experiences. I'm not sure its ok to post about those things too?

  • Hi

    I had some papercraft designs printed up years ago by (Shunichi Makino) I finally got the motivation to put one together after the japanese papercraft builds. I chose the sandcrawer because it look the easiest (honestly had no idea what will and norm had planned).

    I downloaded them from his website, he has lots of really amazing models the guy is a paper genius.

    I think he was mention on still untested, I haven’t tried papercraft before but found it to be a lot of fun.

    Please forgive my grammar and spelling I have a touch of dyslexia.

    Here are some pics.

  • @Betelgeuze: People have posted software before, its all stuff someone made :)

  • Promotional Clowns

  • Here are some photos of the tricycle I built for my grandsons (gee, that makes me sound old...)

    Anyway, this was a scratch build based on plans purchased from Sidewalk Flyers. I made several modifications, including doing a different cowling and seatback. The main construction was 1/2" plywood and the engine and turtleback in foam and fiberglass, using the moldless composite technique.

    This was about 200 hours of work, not a project for the timid. The paint job of course is based on the famous P-51 "Miss America" that many of you know from the Cox model airplane.

    I welded the crank and tail wheel from mild steel, and the control stick from conduit. There was a little of every kind of skill involved, and it went together like a very big R/C airplane.

    It was a big hit with the grandsons.

  • @fxgovers: Bending the wood for the fuselage sides: The plywood was first routed to 1/4" thickness in the two areas to be bent. I wet the plywood with a lot of water and then heated it with a steam iron. After about 10 minutes, I was able to bend the wood safely. I made a jig to hold the pieces in place and weighted it with bricks. After drying overnight, the bends held.

  • @Crimson_Sky: Wow that is amazing... the detail and everything just wow

  • Had to try out this paper craft thing - Here’s the result:

    It’s the Sankei kit of the house from My Neighbour Totoro.

    I also made a rough little stop motion log of the build:

    It’s my first attempt at paper craft, so I took it as a learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but found it quite tricky - Mostly because the material is rather unforgiving (there’s very little you can do to fix any mistakes after the fact). I got the the bug now though an will certainly be buying more of these kits.