Show Us What You've Made!

Created by will on Dec. 18, 2012, 9:49 a.m.
  • Made as in with your hands right ? All the stuff I've made is digital .

  • Hi, I'm new here, but what better way to join in than show off my hobby. I make chainmail, mostly jewellery but some bigger pieces too.

  • @will Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the Bean Bag Boxes I made. They are pretty killer and they fold into eachother, also this is a great thread and I'm excited to see what else people make!!

  • Some of my early tests with making Warhammer 40k props

    By the way, since the pictures are essentially thumbnailed anyways, a resize option would be nice.

  • And "digital stuff" includes stuff you've programmed. While I don't really have any projects I've completed, I have a couple of things I'd be okay sharing.

    I haven't found a Windows based podcast app I liked so I decided to make one myself. I programmed this using Python and a GUI toolkit called wxPython. It's very incomplete, you can see here that it's nothing more than a basic media player. The Skip Forward and Skip Backward buttons don't even do anything!

    Here is a screenshot of code I've actually written, derived from some example code. I did this an exercise so I could learn how to use a specific feature of wxPython, called a DataViewCtrl.

  • My books! Made 'em all by myself. :)

  • @ham fx: That looks incredible. How many hours did it take?

  • @cdpeterson: Does body heat, natural oils, and/or other moisture affect the construction at all?

  • cdpeterson, Those are great! Very nice work.
  • Man, you guys are skilled as hell. I haven't really made anything I can show off... instead, I've got some music you can listen to :)

    And in case anyone missed the soundcloud link I posted some time ago, here's the link to the This Is Only a Test dubstep intro I made

  • @cdpeterson Those rings are amazing! Really great stuff there, I'm impressed

    I've started making my own furniture and while everything so far is VERY simple/basic, I'm pleased with the results and it's all functional stuff. Pictured is the dining table (not the chairs), computer desk, coffee table, and entertainment center. I built them all with cheap lumber from Home Depot, metal legs are from IKEA, and everything is simply stained/poly'ed. P.S. Don't mind the television - my wife is watching something awful.

    (I also make some music, only stuff online right now is at

  • @jbarkan:Looking forward to seeing them :)

  • Here is something else I made that I just got word I can show - Along the lines of the Creature claw above - Its a WOLFMAN (1941) cane topper! Sculpted this out of Super Sculpey mixed with Sculpy Firm, actually!! This is the metal plated prototype from the factory!

  • I present to you, my drawer-shelf DVD storage system! TaDaaaa~~!

    I had a huge DVD collection back in the early 2000's so my friend and I put this DVD shelf together. I wanted one unit to hold a ton of DVD's so we built what looks like a regular set of drawers. Difference being when you pull out a drawer, it folds down when it's half way out creating two shelves, each with a row of DVDs.The handle is on the underside of the drawer so that you can hold the weight up as you lower the outer shelf down onto it's padded peg legs. This hidden style of handle also prevents little kids from yanking the thing open -_-;;

    We used pegs as stoppers and grooved the sides of the section that folds down. We used two hinges on each of the drawers. With 4 fold down drawers, it essentially creates 8 shelves which in total can hold a total of roughly 350 DVDs. I eventually filled it out, but then got to a point where I stopped collecting DVDs (or blurays for that matter) so I've since moved it into my my mom's garage where it is currently sitting in storage -_-;; Also, the thing is made of some heavy, dense wood so when I moved up to WA from CA, I did not want to have it shipped. Still, one day, I'm figuring I may use it again to store books or something in the future someday.

    Oh, and the bottom most drawer, being on the bottom, could not fold down, so it's just a plain old drawer.

    All in all, I think the thing took roughly 3 months to build from start to finish and about $500+ in wood materials.

  • @will:Part of me wants you to arrange them so they never make a perfect line.

  • I've been working on a Ghostbusters proton pack lately. I made a mold for the fiberglass shell of the pack, and have worked with others to have the accurate metal parts fabricated. I am also building the electronics circuits myself to be as accurate as I feel I can get to the original electronics used in the first film in 1984.

    I've also been working on a Rocketeer costume. I built up the helmet and the control gauntlets so far (the jacket, pants, and boots were bought). I'm still in the early stages of the jet pack itself.

  • Sorry for the poor picture quality. These are pictures of one of the first major projects I ever made. I got rear ended once back in high school and instead of buying a new bumper I decided to just make one. A couple months later I added the front bumper and the spare tire carrier. Definitely not my best work but I was only 17 when I made these.

  • Here are a few Nerf Gun's I painted for various reasons, enjoy and would love some feedback.

  • @masterjedimike: So, they don't use BBCode here. You can use the image button, or hit the "more" button, click code, and change the [img][img/] to <img src="">

  • @Sonowake: Those are some amazing paint jobs. Is there a good place to learn how to do that vintage style finishing?

  • @Conmused: ah. I think I got it now. Thanks!

  • @Conmused: There's really not much too it, the colour scheme i just took from steam punk inspirations. for the finish with the dirt and the wear i took from the Volpin Props section of the Big Live Live Show a year (?) back.

  • You just gotta be brave with brush and cloth

  • Here's a sample of the many things I try/do:

    The exhibits and "decors" are my jobs. I design, do the technical drawings and instal exhibits in museums around the province of Quebec. I do sometime painting/weathering/faux-fini on some project.

    I Also do casting, warhammer figurines painting and photography...

    TF2 Pyro flametrower made with pvc and bleach bottles!

    Ha!! Soldering and installing supports for over 230 fossils!

    I could post some Warhammer figurines when they are done. I have a special technique to paint them. I don't use model paint at all! But I think the result is great! :)

    Voilà! Tell me what you think!

  • @Milloune: That little winter-house is awesome! :)

  • @kim_a: Thank you! This is one of the 2 houses that got shipped to St-John's New Foundland. You can see more here.

  • I'm decided to try my hand at making a muppet style puppet over the holidays. Between the Muppet Central forum and the RPF I made this "mixologist" muppet:

    I'm planning to post some videos with him soon and will share a link when I do.

  • @Milloune: Very nice, exhibition design is an important job for learning, so many young people get their interests from school-trips and museum visits. Keep up the good work! :)

  • I posted a little bit about my 3D printing adventures in the Makers section, but I'm finally gearing to show off finished action figures at a toy gallery show in Massachusetts opening in February. I won't saturate the thread with pics, but here's one finished figure:

    This guy stands around eight inches tall and is made from ABS plastic printed on my PP3DP UP! Mini printer. It's articulated at the elbows and knees with fully printer parts, and at the shoulders and hips using aftermarket ball and socket joints from Japanese hobby company Kotobukiya.

    You can see some WIP shots and other things I've done on my site,!

  • @Prometheum5: Nice, that is a great use of a desktop 3d printer!