Replicator Motors not moving

Created by deisterhold on June 19, 2015, 3:57 p.m.
  • A while back I was moving around my Makerbot and once when I was plugging it in I accidentally insert the power plug the wrong way. I believe I may have momentarily provided reverse voltage to my printer; after realizing what I did I immediately unplugged it and corrected the issue. My printer will turn on and everything seems to function except for the stepper motors will not move. I think all of the stepper motor drivers may have been damaged. The led on the motor drivers will light up, but I know that providing reverse voltage to an led won't really hurt it while doing that to the driver can/will break it. Any help is appreciated.



  • Is this an R1 or R2? I don't know anything about the R1. I'll take a shot at this - but I am no expert.

    It does sound bad, but it also sounds strange. I am not really sure what you mean by "drivers" as that is software to me. If you mean controllers, I guess they could be damaged, but on my R2 is doesn't seem power goes to them unless the board is powered up. And that won't happen if the voltage is reversed (I could very well be wrong about this - I would have to look more closely at the power distribution). And mine have no LEDs.

    Check the wiring first - maybe the move caused the problem and jostled a plug lose. Be sure the power plug is fully inserted into the bot. If there is a fuse some place, check it. I would also physically move the stage and belts just to move the motors and get them away from the limiters. If you have a diagnostic option, check it. Try to home the stage. When all else fails, contact MakerBot. They may have a fix. Also check you tube.

    I am confused about the don't mean the LED's on the limiting switches right? If all those are all three lit, your motors may not move. You can damage these with reverse voltage possibly. On mine, there are no LEDs on the motors. If the spindle is no place near any of the stage limits and they are on, then I would say they are toast. Good news is they can be replaced.

    Good luck! And know this - it is fixable! It might cost a bit of time and money...but it is fixable.

    I have a strange feeling I haven't really helped! BUt I hope I gave a few paths to try.

  • @MantaBase:

    I have a Replicator 2X btw. When I say "drivers" I mean the motor drivers (similar to these: which have an led on them indicating they have power. Everything appears to work normally, display turns on and shows the main menu, prints will start causing the extruders to heat up, limit switches activate (light up) when pressed, but the motors will not rotate when the printer attempts to move to the home position (And since they are stepper motors their is no feedback). I have contacted Makerbot, but before they will talk to me they want to charge me $100 because my Replicator is out of warranty; hoping I could forgo that option.

    Thanks for the suggestions.


  • @deisterhold: You are right, they are called driver boards. I always called them controller boards.

    Well obviously my R2X knowledge is nil. You might consider pulling the breakout boards and replacing them - if they are what you linked they are cheap. Otherwise, yeah, it's MakerBot support. You seem to have tried every avenue.