New to 3d printing

Created by Psymon on May 16, 2015, 4:15 a.m.
  • Being the gadget fan that I am I have wanted a 3d printer for along time but have never been able to afford on until the good old Chinese worked there magic and cloned them at a super competitive price so I snatched one at a silly low price its a clone of a makerbot with a duel head and i am very happy with its performance and quality of print

    What I am really after now is to get into modeling to make my own projects as its fun to print premade stuff and awe at the fact stuff just gets made from a piece of filament and appears in the world from a computer image so where can I start I have tried sketchup and didn't find it very easy to get to grasps with so currently I am using tinker cad its a great bit off software and very intuitive but its only available as a cloud app and I am after something I can use stand alone when unplugged that is inexpensive and was wondering if blender was my only option or is there anything else that is aimed directly for printing

    but now having a 3d printer means I finally have a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol that I wanted as a kid cant wait to get it all fully cleaned up and painted

  • Looks awesome bro!
  • Nice looking print!

  • @Psymon Any chance you have an "After" to show us of the cleaned and painted model?