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RobbieD2Convert HDMI to RCA? »
by RobbieD2    in Home Theater
afterburner1978 58,175 5
zigoramaAnyone have experience with the 2014 Vizio E series TVs? »
by zigorama    in Home Theater
ozzlander 34,236 8
coopdegra4k passthrough and Video upscaling the same thing? »
by coopdegra    in Home Theater
coopdegra 27,928 4
honzaAudio over Cat6 cables, good idea? »
by honza    in Home Theater
Kujako 27,270 13
SootyWhy in the blue hell does MPC not want to give me 5.1? »
by Sooty    in Home Theater
Shivoa 26,650 4
ddaydjGaming PC from office to living room »
by ddaydj    in Home Theater
MAGZine 24,498 6
chickdigger802Making wii games look good on an HD tv?  »
by chickdigger802    in Home Theater
Sn1PeR 22,789 8
FripplebubbyIs YPbPr equivalent to HDMI? If not, what is? »
by Fripplebubby    in Home Theater
WolfOfOne 22,449 8
killfestHDMI over Wifi »
by killfest    in Home Theater
PillClinton 21,319 7
LeroyBerquistVLC Player vs. DivX Player vs. Windows Media Player »
by LeroyBerquist    in Home Theater
Sn1PeR 19,207 11
CaptainCokeBest mini PC for streaming and HTPC »
by CaptainCoke    in Home Theater
frytup 18,182 3
StormtrooprDaveHow to get the sound levels right on my tv? »
by StormtrooprDave    in Home Theater
lane 17,067 3
nemtAnyone know how the automatic clock works on LG tvs? »
by nemt    in Home Theater
warmonked 14,942 4
doe3879TV only has Digital Audio output »
by doe3879    in Home Theater
doe3879 14,264 1
simianTESTED Community Project: HTPC »
by simian    in Home Theater
warmonked 12,525 170
classicdmsHDMI Switcher for Multiple Simultaneous Output? »
by classicdms    in Home Theater
CrippleCaptain 11,780 3
CouchPotatoTalkWall mounting a TV, want to hide the AV equipment in a closet  »
by CouchPotatoTalk    in Home Theater
Emily 10,693 8
bobethPlasma flicker »
by bobeth    in Home Theater
Avanzato 10,514 2
mortfaceRecommendations for sound system for PC gaming? »
by mortface    in Home Theater
mortface 10,100 8
BradBrainsApple TV Home Sharing Disconnects »
by BradBrains    in Home Theater
Greg818 10,091 2