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XtrminatrWill's HDMI/Optical switcher »
by Xtrminatr    in Home Theater
RustySpoon 3,254 1
thatladFile Formats - Video »
by thatlad    in Home Theater
o5ris 3,362 5
BrendanDo Duel GPU Cards suffer Sli stuttering issues? »
by Brendan    in Home Theater
GTFShadow 4,258 5
classicdmsHDMI Switcher for Multiple Simultaneous Output? »
by classicdms    in Home Theater
CrippleCaptain 11,793 3
optimusprime223Buying a new tv and not sure which of two to go for, any help please! »
by optimusprime223    in Home Theater
optimusprime223 3,566 3
Justin_WMoving from Home Theater in a Box up to a full receiver »
by Justin_W    in Home Theater
nightbird 3,324 3
FoolishChaosA good blu ray player?  »
by FoolishChaos    in Home Theater
Justin_W 3,452 2
MordeaniisChaosGood non-noise cancelling headphones? »
by MordeaniisChaos    in Home Theater
SuBsTaNcE 6,450 8
FigcoincUSB Headset and Live Streaming Question »
by Figcoinc    in Home Theater
Figcoinc 4,505 1
CrippleCaptainI need some new speakers »
by CrippleCaptain    in Home Theater
CrippleCaptain 2,942 1
BaskervilleManorAmazon Instant Video is now available on Playstation 3 consoles »
by BaskervilleManor    in Home Theater
AaronG 3,028 3
jocumoLooking for a New LCD HDTV »
by jocumo    in Home Theater
jocumo 6,664 5
generic_ericHD quality »
by generic_eric    in Home Theater
nickb64 3,239 2
doe3879TV only has Digital Audio output »
by doe3879    in Home Theater
doe3879 14,267 1
zombimoneySoo... Need a new TV now I guess »
by zombimoney    in Home Theater
zombimoney 2,717 1
DCamHow to hook up recent Mac things to an ancient (co-ax only) TV? »
by DCam    in Home Theater
radar5 2,822 2
nickb64Sony Google TV »
by nickb64    in Home Theater
nickb64 2,760 1
ArmoesDo laptops make for all right Home Theater PCs? »
by Armoes    in Home Theater
BlatantNinja23 2,651 2
NekuSakurabaHelp with setting up my room.  »
by NekuSakuraba    in Home Theater
Organicalistic_ 2,764 3
MarkOnFireIs now a good time to buy a Boxee Box? »
by MarkOnFire    in Home Theater
MarkOnFire 5,323 5