Neeo - The Thinking Remote (Has anyone else kickstarted it?)

Created by greatape on May 19, 2016, 6:50 a.m.
  • Hey gang,

    What's everyone's thoughts on the Neeo? Gimmick? Vapourware? Revelation? I paid for one via kickstarter and it's been as delayed as you'd expect for any fancy piece of kickstarter hardware, but I'm still a believer.

    I love that it doesn't seem to depend on a link to somebody's cloud for it to work. And if the build quality is as advertised it should be a pretty nice artifact to have around. But I've never done any home automation stuff or really any home theatre stuff, so I'm prepared to have my expectations tempered.

    Here's the site:

  • @greatape: I too backed this as a kickstarter and to be honest i am very disappointed with the communication from the Neeo team. Especially over the time delays and expected fulfilment.

    With regards to the product itself, If it works the way that they say it will, i cannot wait for the release! I am moving into a new house at the beginning of 2017 and i am looking to start home automation from the ground up. As it is a new build property so this could well be a big part of my living