Control4 Anyone???

Created by heroTop on Aug. 14, 2015, 12:33 p.m.
  • I've a home automation setup that is run through a Control4 processor and software. I'm _sort of_ pleased by it but could use a little help maintaining it. Problem is, it's proprietary and I have to deal with the installer/licensed dealer when it needs updating.

    Anyone have links or info on how I can do updates to the processor myself? I'm handy with the computer box and shouldn't have too much problem...

    *crosses fingers*

  • @heroTop:

    I considered getting my house automated with a Control 4 system about 18 months ago. I'm glad I didn't because I've already had to move and I doubt I would have gotten a return on that investment. But the reason I never pulled the trigger is that there just wasn't a lot of information out there for the person who wants to do it themselves. Very much a proprietary system.

    Have you had any luck researching the topic?

  • It is 100% proprietary. You have to have a Dealer software to do any kind of setting modifications other than basic stuff like volume. In hindsight, I would not recommend it.

    No - no luck as of yet, I'd love to find the controller software and hacks so that I can run the house myself, but I'll have to keep looking.

  • @heroTop:

    Looking at the way the "Internet of Things" movement is spreading through almost every aspect of our lives, it's hard to believe that home automation and integration is as far "behind" as it is. It's almost like it's legislated (some companies kill innovation and advancement by influencing legislators or through patent trolling). But I've not seen any evidence of that. You'd think Logitech's harmony ecosystem would be jumping all over this. Apple's Homekit should be doing something, but it's about as exciting as... well, I can't even think of anything as unexciting as that right now.

    It's just a matter of t ime before there's some sort of universal standard tht makes this stuff take off like wildfire. There must be a "piece missing" or something.