Headphones for TV (stereo vs 5.1/7.1)

Created by screwed on Jan. 4, 2015, 11:37 a.m.
  • I got a new TV that I use for watching stuff from PC and PS4.

    I have wired stereo headphones in my TV (using the regular green stereo jack). And I was looking for better ones but am confused about the whole stereo or surround. From what I understand the stereo port on my TV is only stereo which is fine since my headphones are also stereo. But netflix defaults to surround, and blu-rays are also surround. But the voice is sometimes low and the action really loud, is this because of the surround issue where voices are the center speaker?

    Now most headphones for movie watching are only stereo, but everything I listen to has surround. How can I fix this? do I need some sort of amp that mixes it in stereo or do I need to buy a surround sound headset? I plug them in my TV because I use both PC and PS4 for various things. I am also looking to buy a new headset for my PC for gaming, something like Astro A40. Does anyone have any experience with these? Also, the Astro a50 are wireless but does not require a mixamp? Could I use these for poth PC and PS4? How do you guys watch content that is surround on regular stereo headphones? Is it just that my headphones arent good enough to get the great sound or am I missing something completely?

    Really lost on how to approach this.

    Sorry for long post but basically I am looking for a better sound experience through headphones for watching movies but cant understand how most headphones are stereo while the sound is surround.

  • I can't seem to edit or delete this thread, was going to change it a simpler question.

    Does buying a good headset require me to be some sort of AV receiver or sound card for a better experience than just plugging the headset into the TV/PC/PS4?

  • Alright, first question is wired or wireless? Wired is going to give you a ton more options and sound better for less money. In short, for your PC, most headphones can be driven fairly well by the integrated audio, assuming it's a decent motherboard. If it's a laptop or something, even an inexpensive 30 dollar or so USB soundcard (looks like a flash drive with a headphone jack) is going to be better than nothing. Audio is one of those things where you can spend $100 or $10,000 on it. What kind of budget do you have, and what are your primary uses? Gaming, music, movies, etc.

  • For the PC I have a P8Z68 Deluxe motherboard (sandy bridge desktop). But I have been meaning to get a sound card. Mostly for movies and games. Games on the PC monitor and movies on a TV connected to HDMI. So I was kind of thinking wireless because its more convenient for switching places. But if I can get two decent headphones for each location for a similar price with wired thats fine too. If the usage for games and movies are different. I havent set a budget but if I find something that is good and worth hanging on to for years to come 400-500 seems like a worthy investment.

    I dont mind stereo, but listening to a 5.1 or 7.1 source on stereo sound a little weird. (low voices loud explosions,)

    I hear a lot of good things for the Kingston HyperX Cloud, its cheap though. I could probably get a better one for more money. I wanted a mic for the PC but I see I can get one of those ModMics and slap it on any old headset so I dont mind going that way. (thats where I heard they recommended a sound card for PC)

    Is using stereo just fine for most things?

    I only know of gaming related headsets, but if its just pr hype and doesnt add anything more than a really good regular headset would give. I never cared much for sound until I experienced a way better setup and realized I have been missing out. A lot to catch up on.