Is premium gone?

Created by FJVarro on Jan. 25, 2020, 9:23 a.m.
  • I was wondering what the status was of the gauntlet poster, and noticed there wasn't any I fo about it really, and that now you cant even sign up for premium. AND there hasn't been premium content for about 3 months.

    What's the deal? Is it cancelled? Are we at least getting our gift from last year?

  • I am glad you bring this up. I was looking for some new premium content too. I felt like I was missing out. Have there been any exclusive meet-ups the past year? Maybe I just wasn't able to attend them but I feel like it was lacking. When I renewed it talked about meet-ups at places like Comic-Con and while I understand Adam didn't attend due to a conflict, I don't recall any Premium Member hangouts or events like that.

    I logged out and tried to see how to sign-up for premium, and could no longer find the page that lists all the things that come with a premium membership now. I feel like its disappearing but we havent been told...

  • @FJVarro: I actually just received the gauntlet poster today in the mail. I didn't know about that perk so it caught me by surprise. I subscribed around November.

  • Was perusing reddit for an answer and found u/cerberus1977 who had contacted tested:

    Contacted their support and got this answer:

    We're undergoing some technical changes related to the membership process, so new sign ups are currently not available. Please stay tuned to and our Youtube channel for a more formal update about these membership changes in the very near future.

    They also told me my premium gift should be arriving soon.

  • Adding to confirm: I also just got my poster in the mail yesterday, so they are shipping. I'm in the Minneapolis, MN area.

  • I just got mine yesterday as well in NYC.

  • I was just coming on here to ask about updating my credit card information, as the page for that seems to be down as well. Thanks for the info, and I'll keep an eye out for the poster coming in the mail (perhaps today?) here in CT.

  • I hope they make their official announcement soon because I really feel let down. I LOVE Tested, the videos, the podcasts, Adam, Norm, the whole crew, etc. But the boards are nothing but dick pill ads, premium content stopped for 3 full months without a single word why, and before that it was months of only model painting (which I enjoy) and brief Adam Q&A videos. If they want to do away with Premium or do a different setup, I personally don't care. But there has not been nearly the same pride and effort put into the Premium side as all their free content.

  • I have not gotten my poster yet (Denmark).

    Also the forum seems broken with the amount of spam and no new premium content, my have to cancel the auto renew, seems al the content I want to see is on youtube (well its there because nothing new in premium section).