Hand Made Tools

Created by GearsMcGee01 on Oct. 3, 2019, 8:15 a.m.
  • Hello All, i'm new around here and i just wanted to share some things whit you all and see if any of you here have ever done or thought of making your own tools. i'm a graphic artist myself and i sometimes do art the traditional way to, and there was this guy making a pencil holder with a built in sharpener in it and i waited five years for him to make the stupid thing. then i thought i just make my own. so i found some things and made my own little thing. and i like my little frankenstine creation. i found it so useful that i made tow others. (will show later) so what do you people think?

  • Jump ring coiling tool and sawing guide.

  • A quick and dirty spur center to turn some wood bits on my metal lathe. The spurs are snipped off bits of finish nails epoxied into drilled holes. Not the world's best practice, but works.