Is premium content a thing anymore?

Created by AshCadelanne on Sept. 23, 2019, 8:48 p.m.
  • So being a premium member for just shy of 4 years I’ve been privileged to witness some great content on a regular basis. Bits to atoms, Lego with friends, model behaviour etc. Etc. But that seems to have Slowed & stopped in 2019. Have I missed something? Not expecting a reply because for some reason the issues with spam are still constant and the forums continue to suffer for it. But if anyone is out there it’d be nice to hear from you
  • Good question. I was wondering the same thing to be honest. It would be cool to see more premium content for sure.

    Glad I caught your post before it was swallowed up by the spam bots.

  • I know that the Apollo 50th Anniversary took a lot of focus, and for that I am very glad, but I would like to see more content geared towards the detailed builds and specific techniques that Norm and Frank used to create. Tested has the talent and I’d love to see more technical sharing from Kayte, Bill, and of course Adam!

  • I've been wondering the same thing over the last weeks and took a look back at the premium content. If you take out the Ask Adam videos (they're fun videos, but I wouldn't really call them premium) the last video is almost 3 months ago (July 17th). You can also clearly see the amount of premium content getting less over the course of the year.

    I like contributing to the site by being a premium member, but I feel like the promises made to premium members (exclusive content, first looks, etc) are not kept. I'll keep following tested and love the content, but I've cancelled my premium membership.