Work Space Improvements

Created by mrwizard on Sept. 20, 2019, 12:40 p.m.
  • Set up some just-barely-fit Ikea cabinets to display things and hold works in progress-and protect them from cats. I'll probably paint the insides white and get glass shelves and some LED lighting someday.

    Got tired of rooting around in cans looking for the right brush or scupting tool. Made this rack for my rolling supply cabinet.

  • It looks great man Keep it up. Gives some Ideas when I move.

  • @JFOLLETT: Thanks. I'll be making another rack. I had more pointy things than I thought.

  • Do you find a Drill press or just hand drill more effective for that?

  • @JFOLLETT: A drill press absolutely, and Forstner bits. Set ip a jig to space and align the holes.

  • Love the sketch, that makes sense you should post that on instructables.

  • Day 19 of work from home. Working through all the little shop infrastructure projects I've had on the back burner. This is sandpaper storage above the machine shop workbench. Ceiling height is about 6'-4". Fomecor dividers separate different grits.