Is the FOO VR Show officially dead?

Created by wvc on Aug. 29, 2019, 8:51 p.m.
  • Just curious - no updates for over a year, and no comments on either the Kickstarter or Facebook. I can't even get the official Foo website to load.

    Does this mean Will Smith will be coming back to Tested to see if he can get his job back, or did he abandon his Foo project to become a full time YouTube gamer person?

  • Potentially relevant:

    No word on whether Will was involved, but this seems like the kind of thing he would be involved with. Maybe Tested contracted Will's company to produce these and/or consult on the technology to make this happen?

  • From what I understand they're helping produce multiple tv shows with their technology.

  • Like Falcon, my understanding is that they are developing the tech through working contracts for other IPs. Not an uncommon stage for this type of tech startup to go through on the way to developing a business model, if that is indeed what they are trying to do... maybe they are happy working on the production side?

    In the recent release cycle for VR headsets, the discussion on TIOAT made it seem as though Will was still privy to some secret knowledge about upcoming tech, and couldn't say much when the others were speculating, so I don't think the activity has slowed down, even if it is less public facing.

    Which in turn means that yes, the show in the form it was in for the Kickstarter is probably dead.