Five year Tested Premium anniversary. Anyone else?

Created by zigorama on Aug. 21, 2019, 11:37 p.m.
  • Despite a perennially horrid forum infestation (sigh), I keep re-subscribing. I don't expect anyone to reply to this shout into the maker-void, but here it is... Apparently I have been a premium subscriber since 2014, so I guess this is my 5 year anniversary. I hope all of you are well, happy, healthy, creatively challenged, just-funded-enough, and have a slightly-less-organized-garage-than-you-would-like situation on your hands. Please make something that makes you and yours smile.

    Here's hoping for a decade.

  • I'm pretty new here, but happy anniversary.

    Real shame about the forum infestation though.

  • Yeah, it's a real mess in here so I hardly ever check but it's good to see I'm not the only one that stuck around. The oldest invoice date I could see on my profile was 2013, but I'm pretty sure I've been subscribed since day 1 whenever that was. Things have changed a lot both on this site and in my life since then, but I still love making stuff and seeing stuff be made!

  • Wow! Humans! Nice to meet you both.

    Key, Welcome. I hope you find a useful and friendly place here.

    Navy, thanks for sticking around. I don't check in as much as I should, but it's nice to see some other long-timers here too.

    Glad to see you both here. Happy making!

  • yeah man. like a message in the bottle floating down the internet stream.

    like tears in the rain...

  • @zigorama: 5 years for me too. Haven't been on the forums for ages (spam too bad) - still enjoying the content though! My kids often choose One Day Builds for friday night family TV and they have been really inspired.

  • 2 weeks and I’m at 4 years

  • I've been signed up since the relaunch of Premium, looks like that was November 2013, so coming up on six years in a couple of months. Time does fly.