Does Adam not make videos any more?

Created by SpookyCat on March 28, 2019, 5:40 a.m.
  • I signed upfor Premium years ago and love it, well loved it, I only really signed up for Adams videos but its been nearly three months since any video content from him, I know hes a busy man, books, TV shows, etc etc but does that mean very few actual make videos from him in the future on Tested, if so probably time to not renew my Premium, the other videos are nice but of no real interest to me and not worth me paying for as can find the same stuff on Youtube.

  • SpookyCat...agree...I signed up because I am a big fan of Adam as well ...but now it's more Norm and the others...I wonder if other Premium subscribers feel the same ...

  • I was interested in premium but this made me rethink a subscription.

  • I guess that's the conundrum.

    Adam has to make a living, and without more subscribers, Tested can't sustain them all, so he goes and does TV shows (And I'm sure he does it because he enjoys it as well) to help pay the bills.

    But then people don't see Adam for a few months while he's busy, and then un-subscribe, which will lead him to having to take more paying gigs, which leads to less videos....

  • @TobyWild: ...while your argument is valid, so is the fact that most of us signed up because of it being
    "Adam Savage Tested"...even an occasional shout out/update from him would help

  • @nadsenoj: Yeh I get that. It's a tough balance I guess. Each to their own.

  • Now that tested are putting premium content on their YouTube channel I feel it's time for me to cancel my subscription, the channel has been losing its way, and I think Will jumping ship was the start, yes we have had some amazing content from Adam and some interesting content for premium membership but I feel it's been getting less and less, and now rather than creating new content they are shoving out old premium content to non paying watchers. Tested have crested the wave and are on the slow return to shore, Simone added an extra dimension but with her health issues hasn't been able to fulfill her role (so glad all has worked out well and she's back on her own channel at least). I also feel the premium rewards are getting less attractive, we had 2 huge posters and a vinyl pressing, the latest item was a piece of A4. Lastly this forum has never been as advertised, the spam issues have never been addressed or rectified, so much so this is the 1st time I've logged on in over a year, and that was just to see if things had improved before I decide to go ahead and cancel. Sad to say it but I'm out.

  • I too wish there was more content from Adam on Tested.

  • I am with StyleGuru.

    I mentioned this elsewhere, but the comments on Still Untitled a few weeks ago about not doing videos because Adam was off "paying the bills" felt like a slap in the face to Tested Premium members.

    They need to either commit to Premium membership or just stop doing it. Waiting for everyone to get sick of the inattention and not renew their Premium membership is annoying.

    Then again, as I have mentioned elsewhere, I am in a really pissy mood as far as Adam is concerned. I had a ticket for the nearest Brain Candy show (with the meet-and-greet option) a year ago and that got cancelled with zero explanation. I bought a copy of Adam's new book from one of the Simon & Schuster-listed vendors to get an order number to be included in the drawing, but then had to buy another copy to get in to Adam's talk tonight in Seattle, where he won't be doing photo ops or other signing. I don't know if I even want to go at this point.

    I hope Adam is oblivious to what is going on around him in his name, because I don't want to think negatively about him.

  • I primarily signed up for exclusive video content featuring Adam, and as others have stated there has been nothing for months. Additionally, all the Premium videos are ending up on Youtube anyway, so what's the point of the subscription? To see Youtube videos a couple months early? I'm happy to support Tested, but the benefits are so minor it's hard to justify paying for Premium at the moment. Will likely cancel unfortunately.

  • So, I went to Adam's talk at Third Place Books and I left conflicted.

    Adam presents things well and puts out great messages about making. It was evident from the attendees that he has been a positive influence on a LOT of people.

    Then I come here to his web presence ("Adan Savage's Tested") and I continue to see issues here never get fixed. I am not that concerned about the lack of Adam, because there is good content. But they need someone who knows how to "make" and manage a community here (aside from the community of Premium Forum members you don't think they are getting their money's worth out of their Premium membership. Really, how hard would it be to deputize a couple trusted Tested members to moderate the Forums content and deal with that long-running problem?

  • I have so many opinions on the direction Tested has gone since it was branded with Adam and Jamie, but I tend to keep most of them to myself. Let's just say I would gladly get a premium membership if they got new forums software and actually put forth effort to fix this website and garner a community. It's a Catch 22 problem--nobody encourages people to post here because the forums software is a shitshow, and there's no desire to fix the forums because the participation is low.

    Maybe instead of Adam buying his next $10k astronaut suit off ebay he could actually hire a developer to fix this website. Oops, I guess I didn't keep that one to myself.

  • Cowgod: Would you spend your own salary on upgrading your employer's infrastructure? Say, pay to have a new floor put into the lobby, or fix the plumbing in the bathrooms? The responsibility for the shit forum/website infrastructure isn't with Adam, but Whalerock.

    For real though, the forums are a catch 22 for the reason you mention, and as for tipo158's suggestions they have long declined to promote non-staff members to moderate the forums (I and many others have volunteered for over five years to do so) because the site's admin software does not have granular control. I.e. you can't allow someone to delete flagged forums threads without that person also being able to upload videos, or delete the entire site.

  • I was being facetious about Adam shelling out his own money to fix the website. I just find it appalling that he would want his name associated with this dumpster fire of a website. He's all about making things and taking pride in his work, and has specifically mentioned many times that "making" includes coding. He has the clout to work with Whalerock to update this site, he just chooses to pursue other things instead. It's frustrating because it would not take THAT much effort to switch the forums over to a new system and migrate the content. Hell, even Jeremy could probably do it. Seeing something you love wasting its potential is just really painful.

  • @cowgod: I think you are underestimating the process of migrating nine years of content to a completely new site infrastructure. It *might* be a relatively smooth process, but that is making quite a few assumptions about a wholly custom website backend, and so far we have no indications it is built in a logical, maintainable way... quite the opposite :p

  • "I just find it appalling that he would want his name associated with this dumpster fire of a website. He's all about making things and taking pride in his work ..."

    This is what I don't get.

    Does anyone from Tested even visit these forums, let alone post here, anymore?

    I took a look at the forum page source and the thread content portion of the pages looks fairly straightforward as far as writing scripts to scrape to populate another forum system.

  • @tipo158: There has been minimal crew engagement with the forum since Will left, I don't actually remember seeing Norm in here once. The support account occasionally shows up, but usually only around Premium-gift shipping-dates to field the occasional missing-shipment inquiry.