Tested Shelving

Created by Neil Krentz on Jan. 9, 2019, 12:55 p.m.
  • Hey guys, doing some new house organizing and decorating, and had the idea to do something similar to the tested shelving. My question is, I could have sworn that I remember someone talking about the new shelving but cant seem to find the video. I know they first start appearing around December 2016 but don't see a video dedicated to them. (premium or normal) For some reason thought it was Joey but i could be wrong. Any ideas or references to the shelves?

  • I remember them being talked about briefly in This is Only A Test podcast, you could probably look back through them to find the first one where they appear. If I remember correctly though, Norm said that Danica designed them. I don't remember a specific video on them though.

  • It does ring a bell...

    But yeh, Danica designed them, and it's just giant threaded rods, with nuts and washers.

  • You might also be confusing the Tested shelves with Will's Tetris-shelf project from like, six years ago: