What's on your workbench right now?

Created by mrwizard on Nov. 29, 2018, 9:07 a.m.
  • My top-of-the-heap project right now is a set of Biblical figures for my mother-in-law's Sunday School classroom. Here they are in various stages of progress. What are the rest of you working on?

  • Well its currently on the floor but this is a rifle I modeled in Fusion 360 and am currently in the process of gluing it together and then finishing it.

  • Rivendell house for my granddaughter. Inspired by Adam's foamcore house :)

    Once i work out all the templates I'll make the real thing in mdf

  • That's the most intricate playhouse I have ever seen. Nice Job.

  • The cast of characters in primer. On to the painting.

  • And ready to go.

  • I don't think formatting is working for me, but I'm making a mash between a puzzle room and an arcade game.


  • Next up, a costume for Detroit Comic-Con. Skeletal hands, sword, scythe, and an hourglass to follow.

  • putting this together for my outdoor kitchen/deck area on my trailer im finishing up this week.

  • Working on the hands for my Death costume. The bits will be glued to the back of some work gloves after painting.

  • I'm making a bunch of HO-Scale dioramas for an upcoming market stall.

  • I'll add a few pics because I completely spaz out when trying to shoot as I go. As once mentioned by Mr. Pine in a thread not too long ago that it might be easier to post the documentary after the build is complete. For somebody like me, that is probably very good advice.

  • My cat.

  • Working from home means I get two more hours a day to spend on my own projects. I made some small milling hold-downs over the last couple of days. Tried two things I've never done before-bluing and knurling.