Any cold brew coffee enthusiasts here? Looking for suggestions.

Created by zigorama on Feb. 5, 2018, 12:10 a.m.
  • Hi all, After looking at the hard truth of the cost of my starbucks cold brew habit, I decided to buy a Filtron and start cold brewing at home. Does anyone have experience with the Filtron or suggestions for beans/grind levels to start with? Thanks!

  • i have developed a method i call southern turkish. you take a mason jar, put some generic coffee grounds in the bottom, and set it in the fridgerator overnight. note that you have to "set it" in the "fridgerator". if you try to "put it in the refrigerator" it will NOT WORK.

  • Yeah, I do the same as donbright. I put coffee grounds in a 1-liter glass jar with the coffee ground. After about 24 hours I put it through my Aeropress. I just looked up Aeropress' and it looks as though they are an Australian thing... they're really popular over here, and they make great coffee, similar to a french press, but pressurized. I've heard cold brew has fewer tannins and is less bitter. It's great on a hot day. But hey, I'm no expert.... the only reason I do this is because I haven't gotten around to drip coffee, or buying a flask.